Should Man United Sign Lucas Moura?

Lucas Moura

Reports today suggest that Lucas Moura has agreed personal terms with Manchester United. I know, I know…what year is this? Is Wesley Sneijder still on the shortlist?

This news has split United fans into three very odd yet very definite groups.

Group A – “F#&k That Guy”

Lucas was strongly linked with United leading into Fergie’s final season in 2012/13. PSG swooped in with an incredible €45m offer to his then club Sao Paulo. Sir Alex wasn’t too happy.

“When somebody’s paying €45 million for a 19-year-old boy you have to say the game’s gone mad.”

With the high profile arrivals of Neymar and Mbappe at PSG the winger has been on the fringes making only 5 appearances from the bench this season. His total of 72 minutes from five substitute appearances this season doesn’t make for encouraging reading but he has registered one goal in those 72 mins. That’s a goal a game if you play the stats averages game…which you never should for reasons like the above!

Group B – “Why Would We Sign A Sub?”

This is a valid concern. If he can’t make it into a team playing in a much lower standard of competition in comparison to the Premier League what level of player are United buying? How long will the adjustment period be? How will his injury record affect the team?

PSG are still a small club in a small league, let’s be realistic. They may be one of the richest clubs in the world but this whole thing is a vanity project for impossibly rich people. They are selling Lucas Moura to help with their Financial Fair Play issues after their summer in the sweet shop with a blank cheque.

After PSG hijacked the United deal in 2012 why should United now help them out with FFP?

Group C – “We Need Wingers! Get It Done!”

I sit on the fence between this argument and the last. United desperately need a winger but this team is crying out for a right sided player like Lucas Moura. Players like Mata and Mkhitaryan have been shoehorned into that position when they are far more effective when playing behind a striker. This would solve two problems with one transfer. It would remove the slower players playing in the wrong position, speed the whole attack up and offer actual width and crossing ability on the right. Lukaku would benefit tremendously from this.

Week to week United have no real repeat formation or nailed down starting 11. It’s all a mess of changes and round pegs in square holes.

In the 2016/17 season before being overlooked in favour of Neymar and Mbappe Lucas Moura had 18 goals and 11 assists in 52 appearances. Signing him would be a good starting point for a proper structure in this side. At a reported €25m fee for a 25 year old in this inflated market it’s a bloody snip.

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