Rest of the Wrasslin’ 5th Jan 2018

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In this week’s Rest of the Wrasslin’, we’ve got 205 Live and NXT covered. We’ll be covering Wrestle Kingdom extensively on the podcast this week so I left that out.


205 Live 02/01/18

Rematch City

We get 2 rematches on this week’s show. Both a rematch of Itami/Gallagher from last week and a rematch of the Tag Team match from Raw last night including Goldust. Goldust making his 205 Live debut. Odd since he’s nowhere near 205 lbs. I’m all for mixing the Cruiserweight guys in with the main roster guys but it should be on Raw. Doesn’t really make sense to do it on 205 Live.

The first rematch never got started. Gallagher attacked Itami with his umbrella with a steel pipe hidden inside it before the bell was rung. Followed up with some shots with the pipe without trusty William involved. So another rematch next week? All the rematches!!!

As for the other rematch, apparently the ‘Zo Train asked for it. We get a couple of promos from Goldust backstage both with Alexander where he says they are a team now (not sure how that’s gonna work) and with Gulak where they “ack” in each other’s faces. The most over person on the show is the guy who isn’t in the division as the crowd chant for Goldust and even Dustin Rhodes. Also I only realised now that Cedric Alexander has KT coming out of his Kneepad. Nice tribute to Kris Travis. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one on WWE TV before. Anyway, the faces pick up the win with Alexander hitting the Lumbar Check on Gulak. I’d say Cedric is pissed that Xavier Woods hit it earlier in the night.


TJP Returns

And the crowd goes mild. TJP hasn’t been seen in 3 months since he lost those matches against Rich Swann. Bet they regret letting Swann get the win there now. Was he injured? Or did creative just have nothing for him? Who knows? Anyway he’s back now as the mystery opponent for Tozawa and the crowd don’t really care. They were chanting for Neville. He managed to get the win in his return anyway. They need all hands on deck for this 205 Live tour. Bray vs Hardy can only do so much.


No Enzo, No Care?

No Enzo again this week on 205 Live. He’s off with the flu this time, the same as on Raw the night before. So still no Cruiserweight title match. It’ll be Rumble preshow at this stage. The way they have the show laid out, it’s basically just people asking Where’s Enzo? It’s like Homer’s pitch for Poochie in Itchy and Scratchy except it is actually happening. I’ll admit that the show feels a little lacking without him (goddamn Enzo experiment working). It just feels like it’s lost it’s star power lately since all the guys they were building are gone. Neville, Aries, Swann, all gone now. They need some more NXT callups. Although I wouldn’t wish that on any of the NXT guys at the moment. Hopefully they manage to turn the show around soon. These crowd are getting less and less invested each week.


Quick Match Results

TJP def. Akira Tozawa by Pinfall

Hideo Itami vs Jack Gallagher never got started

Cedric Alexander & Goldust def. Ariya Daivari & Drew Gulak by Pinfall


NXT 03/01/17

This week’s NXT was a recap of the year. It was also 2 hours long. They showed 1 never before seen match and a bunch of highlights of the year. I’ll cover the highlights of the highlights below.


Nakamura & Asuka Promo/Tribute Packages

They showed a nice little promo package covering all of Nakamura’s and Asuka’s NXT career. Set to some lovely uplifting music. Really made the heart swell and reminded me how much they have wasted Nakamura on Smackdown so far. They haven’t wasted Asuka yet but there’s still time.


The Fall and Rise of Johnny Gargano

Nice package covering DIY imploding and Gargano’s losing streak ending with him being No. 1 contender for the NXT Title. It really has been a rollercoaster year for Gargano but now that he is back on the upswing, Ciampa is surely gonna be back soon to take it all away from him and that should be awesome.


2018 Tag Team Preview

We got a preview of what’s to come for the NXT Tag Team division where there was mini promo packages for the Undisputed Era, Street Profits, Sabbatelli & Moss (they need a tag team name), Heavy Machinery & TM61 who will be returning soon. We’re getting a longer look at TM61 in 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing them back. We really didn’t get to see much of them before the injury last year.


2018 Women’s Preview

We also got a preview of what’s to come for the NXT Women’s division where there was mini promo packages for Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Lacey Evans, Kairi Sane, Bianca Belair, Vanessa Borne, Shayna Baszler (who makes her NXT in ring debut next week) & Nikki Cross. So it appears that is what is making up the NXT women’s division going forward. We also got a big promo package about Ember Moon’s life story which was fantastic. Like a mini documentary.


NXT Year End Awards

They are announcing the NXT Year End Awards at Takeover Philadelphia (a little late but sure why not) and voting will be done on Twitter by using hashtags and stuff. The Categories are:
Takeover of the Year
Match of the Year
Tag Team of the Year
Breakout Star of the Year
Male Competitor of the Year
Female Competitor of the Year
Future Star of NXT
Rivalry of the Year
Overall Competitor of the Year

Nominees and instructions on how to vote are available at:


Exclusive Match: NXT Championship: San Antonio House Show: Drew McIntyre def. Adam Cole w/ Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee.

The exclusive match on the show was the NXT Title match between Drew McIntyre and Adam Cole which was referred by Shawn Michaels. This was on in San Antonio on the same night as a ROH show featuring Kenny Omega so had some tough competition. Match was great though. The rest of Undisputed Era got involved, Michaels hit a Superkick. Drew retained his title of course because he had to lose it the next night at Takeover Wargames


Matches Covered:

NXT Championship: Takeover San Antonio: Bobby Roode def. Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT Championship: Takeover Orlando: Bobby Roode def. Shinsuke Nakamura

NXT Tag Team Championship: Takeover Orlando: Authors of Pain def. D.I.Y.

NXT Championship: Takeover Brooklyn: Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode

NXT Tag Team Championship: NXT 426 Dec 20th: Undisputed Era def. SAnitY

Takeover WarGames: Aleister Black def. Velveteen Dream

Exclusive Match: NXT Championship: San Antonio House Show: Drew McIntyre def. Adam Cole w/ Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee.

NXT Championship: Takeover Wargames: Andrade `Cien` Almas def. Drew McIntyre
Takeover Wargames: WarGames Match: Undisputed Era def. SAnitY & AoP w/ Roderick Strong

No 1. Contenders Fatal 4 Way: NXT 427 Dec 27th: Johnny Gargano def. Killian Dain, Aleister Black & Lars Sullivan


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