Talking Smack January 2nd

Smackdown Live January 2nd 2018

Will keep this short and sweet for you fine people as we all things to be doing but you cant not know about Smackdown Live!

Sami Zayn Pins AJ Styles

In a continuation of last weeks storyline where Kevin Owens defeated Styles (with the help of outside interference) it was the turn of his best friend Sami Zayn to pick up the win against the WWE Champion.

This match was confirmed early in the show in a segment that both Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon confirmed they would both be at ringside. A show of one-upmanship if you like.

During the match, the main event, the referee ended up falling out of the ring and quite innocently Kevin Owens checked on him to make sure he was ok, he’s a sound lad afterall! But this is seen as a distraction by Shane-o-mac who attacked KO! Terrible showing from the man in charge, after which he orders the ref to send Owens backstage. This prompts Bryan to get on the mic and tell Shane that if he is sending Kevin backstage then he (Shane) should go too! *Shots Fired*

After a brief altercation on the ring apron with Owens, Styles turns straight into a heluva kick from Zayn who gets the pin. The super-bestfriends of wrestling run off skipping with delight before AJ gets on the mic to give out about the whole mess the last couple of weeks and demands a handicap match with the two, which Daniel Bryan gives him, at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship! The plot doth thicken!


Split Authority

The trust between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon continues to deteriorate. Hope the pay off of this isn’t a Shane vs Daniel match at Mania! Daniel is so much better than this, besides, I’m sick of seeing Shane in the ring!


Usos Retain the Smackdown Live Tag Championships

After winning the triple threat match last week, the team of Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin had their match against the Usos for the Smackdown Live tag team championship.

After a tumultuous start to the match it appeared the Usos were defeated after the ref counted to three and American Alpha 2 were announced as the winners. BUT, a second ref came to the ring to tell the first ref that he made a mistake. The Uso who was pinned and Chad Gable (who made the pin) were not the legal men! Match restarted and the Usos retained.

I am not far off considering The Usos as one the best ever WWE Tag Teams.


Riott Squad still beating people up – But Becky is back!

Riott squad beat the Welcoming committee, meh match! BUT Becky is back! Praise Jebus!


Smackdown Live Quick Results:

Usos def. American Alpha 2
Bludgeon Brothers def. Fashion Police (by DQ)
Riott Squad def. Welcoming Committee
Xavier Woods def. Aiden English
Sami Zayn def. AJ Styles (Non-Title Match)

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