The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 29th Dec 2017

Alleged Wresting Podcast December 29th

It’s a new week, a new podcast and a new name! With the amount of shite talk and wreckless allegations being thrown about, we thought it more fitting to call the podcast the ‘Alleged Wrestling Podcast’. Allegedly.

Weekly Round-up

This week we take a quick look back over Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live and all the news from the past week of crazy world of professional wrestling.

Fantasy Booking

Steve M takes us through his fantasy booking ideas for the Royal Rumble all the way through to Wrestlemania. It’s crazy, but not too crazy!

Wrestle Kingdom 12

Finally we preview the upcoming New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 12 which happens on Thursday January 4th in the Tokyo Dome. Alpha vs Omega & Okada vs Naito are the two main events of the show!

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