BITS Out Wrestling Podcast 22nd Dec 2017

Bits Out Wrestling Podcast 22nd December 2017

Welcome to this special episode of the 2Bit Sports Bits Out Wrestling Podcast!

End of Year Biteen Awards!

We decided to something unheard of, something completely new and never done before, host end of year awards! Male & Female Wrestler of the year, Match of the year and a highly debated Highlight of the year!

Have a listen here, would love to hear what other options you think are worthy of a mention!

In the rest of the podcast we discuss the events of the week including Vince McMahon selling shares in WWE, and if rumours are to be believed, this is in an attempt to reestablish his dream of a football company to rival the NFL.

Also we discuss the monumental news that for the first time ever, we will witness a Women’s Royal Rumble match!

We also review this week’s RAW and Smackdown along with Clash of Champions and of course Nicky runs through the Irish Wrestling Roundup!

Available here on youtube, please feel free to subscribe and also below on Soundcloud of you crazy bastards who love to download and listen at your leisure!


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