Talking Smack December 19th

Smackdown Live Dec 19th

It’s been two days since #CoC and we need to find out what happens with the Super Best Friends of Wrestling at Smackdown Live!

Best for Business?

In truth, we don’t really have any clear progression in this story, with the only movement is happening between Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan. Tensions continue to be strained between the two as Daniel defends his decision to make a fast-count at Clash of Champions, an action he took to protect Shane from himself. He is growing increasingly worried about their shared vision for the future of Smackdown Live, wonders if Shane is acting in the best interest of the show or if he is only doing what is ‘best for business’! Shane leaves by saying he has no issues with Daniel and he has his full trust, but doesn’t look convincing!

Could we be seeing a Shane heel-turn soon? I hope so!

Daniel reminds Sami & Kevin that he didn’t do what he did at #CoC for them!

Main Event Action!

Sami, Kevin & Jinder face off against Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles in a nice time saving match! Two feuds, one match! Delightful.

The match is your run-of-the-mill 6-man tag match, nothing spectacular happens but Nakamura pics up the win after the face team all hit their respective finishers!

No development on either story line on this show!


What day is it?! RUSEV DAY!

So what more needs to be said about the comedic genius that is Rusev?! He has been killing it for a while now since teaming up with Aiden English and tonight on Smackdown Live was no different. Dressed as ‘Rusev Claus’ along with ‘Olaf’ (English) they interrupt the New Day backstage! Rusev mocks the New Day and even besmirches their pancakes! Leads to a good match laser in the night.


Dolph Leaves Smackdown Live?

An advertised celebration for the new United States Champion Dolph Ziggler ends with the show-off leaving the title in the ring and walking away. In a continuation of his recent shtick, Ziggler tells of how he is underappreciated by the WWE Universe! With talk of Zigger taking a break from WWE this could be the angle they are using for him to be written out of the company! Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


Golden Alphas in line for some Silverware?

Not surprisingly, WWE moved quick to decide on the next move for the Smackdown Live Tag-Team champions the Usos! It turned out to be the Golden Alpha tag-team who picked up a clean win over the champions on Smackdown Live! Been waiting for this feud to get going for quite a while, it’s going to be awesome!


Charlotte Welcomes the Royal Rumble!

Says she’ll be ready to face who ever wins the first ever women’s Royal Rumble at Wrestlemania!


Quick Match Results

Golden Alphas def. Usos (Non-Title Match)
Charlotte & Naomi def. Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan
New Day def. Rusev & English
Orton, Nakamura & Styles def. Zayn, Owens & Mahal.

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