Talking Smack – December 12th

Smackdown Live Dec 12th

We look at all the happenings on Smackdown Live from December 12th 2017.

Superbest-friends of Wrestling

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn wear Daniel Brian YES t-shirt but put a P over the S to make it YEP! They hand out fliers to staff backstage to occupy Smackdown Live later in the show in an attempt to rid Smackdown Live of Shane McMahon and his reign of tyranny!

The duo even leave a flier in Daniels office as he is on the phone with Shane.

Smackdown Live Kevin Owens Sami Zayn

YEP Movement!

Only Daniel Bryan shows up for the ‘occupy’ says that unlike the YEP movement, the YES movement was about the fans, and their voice being heard but the YEP movement is just about Sami & Kevin. But confirm that at #CoC there will be a second guest referee – Daniel Bryan! Will be an interesting dynamic having two refs!

In the main event of Smackdown Live Kevin Owens faced off against Shinsuke Nakamura with both Sami Zayn & Randy Orton ringside. Daniel Bryan was also on commentary. We had a glimpse of what an amazing feud between these two fighters could be, the chemistry between the two was clear to see!

Hilarious spot in this match happens after Owens accidentally knocks the ref so Bryan takes the ref shirt from the lifeless ref and puts it on (As the original ref just falls off the apron to the floor).

Smackdown Live Daniel Bryan

Owens picks up the win with Bryan counting the 1-2-3! Could we see that again on Sunday night?


Styles Clashes with Jinder

Smackdown Live opened with the WWE Champion AJ Styles coming to ring. He’s ready for #CoC, that’s good considering it’s on Sunday! Singh Brothers come out all apologetic and want to be friends with AJ but it’s all a hoax as Jinder also comes out. AJ sees right through it and puts a whooping on them.

Later in the show AJ gets attacked by Jinder as he was being interviewed by Renee, very rude!


Riot(t) Squad ran out of town!

After an attempted match with Charlotte, Ruby Riott and the Riott squad get ran out of town by the rest of the Smackdown Live women’s roster! Strange, the same thing happened on RAW last night. With an identical storyline happening on both shows I wonder will they tease some sort of connection between Absolution & the Riott Squad?


US Title

The Glorious Bobby Roode was on commentary as Ziggler took on Corbin! Same as last week however, as the outside man got involved and layed out the other two. Could be a show-stealer at #CoC!

Smackdown Live Bobby Roode


Tag-Team Turmoil on Rusev Day!

Before the Usos face off against Rusev & English we got to hear 8 days of Rusev. Delightful. Usos continue to impress me with their mic skills! We also had the New Day on commentary eating a lot of pancakes!

Smackdown Live New Day

Rusev & English amazingly pick up the win after some nice interference work on the outside from Rusev when the referee was distracted!

Smackdown Live Rusev


New match confirmed for #CoC – Bludgeon Brothers vs Fashion Police


Smackdown Live Match Results:

Charlotte beats Ruby Riot(t) by disqualification.
Dolph Ziggler was victorious over Baron Corbin due to the attack from Roode.
Bludgeon Brothers beat Local Talent.
Rusev & English pin The Usos
Kevin Owens pins Shinsuke Nakamura

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