“Playing The Way That United Should?” Oh No

Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City

Well it really is hard to know where to start with this game. I see a lot of abuse for referee Michael Oliver on social media. Some of it is justified. Not sending at least one City player off, Gabriel Jesus, was farcical but even if City ended up with 8 players Jose wouldn’t have pushed up. Any other side would have made use of an advantage like that but as it’s United under Jose I find it difficult to join in that fight. The blame lies in other areas, mostly the big green area with the white lines around it.

Needless Respect

United showed far too much respect to City, especially at home. We rolled over and let them tickle our tummies. Jose sent the team out with tactics that led to the most cowardly display from a United side at Old Trafford that I can remember in a long time. We have been pragmatic under Fergie at home to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus in their day but we always attacked. It doesn’t happen at home in the league. Jose should be ashamed.

United’s back four sat so deep that it allowed City to play their game. To be fair, it did work until the disastrous defensive errors that cost us two goals from set pieces. I keep saying it, Jose needs to see that we cannot defend for long spells.


Another thing I keep saying. I believe he can be up to the job eventually but at the moment he’s not good enough. Today is another example of it. I won’t have this argument that “he doesn’t get the service” because he does. His problem is that it takes him three or four chances to score one. Look at the chance he wasted today in the 85th minute. Great build up play, perfect ball in, Lukaku does well to into position and hits it right at the keeper.

That was to equalise and give us the momentum going into the last few minutes. He has to stop fucking these chances up. You’d think he would be dying to make up for his catastrophic error that caused the second City goal. His overall play was poor, he was far from alone, but after missing that chance he lost the ball twice in the closing stages. City had controlled the ball well and were running down the clock. When we did manage to get it back it would basically bounce off of Lukaku…because he has the touch of a concrete wall.

The Goals

Shameful defending, it’s that simple. Lukaku had two assists for City, only one of them he can blamed for. The first one is unfortunate but Ashley Young playing Silva onside is criminal. De Gea must be pulling his hair out with these clowns on front of him.

Maybe it’s time for Lukaku to spend some time with Marcus Rashford in training. Rashers takes his chances, he only needs one as we saw today.

There isn’t much left to say. I really wish the snow caused the game to be postponed so we had Pogba. We can’t play without him in these big games.


What next?

We have a nice run of games coming up which is badly needed. Jose has been disgraceful in these big games. Last week was the exception that proves the rule. Is the Title Race over? No, City will collapse, they always have a long spell of poor results. The problem is that the chasing pack are so inconsistent that it might not matter.

No Pogba, No Party. No balls, no glory.

Steven Murphy
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