Smackdown Live Recap Dec 5th

Smackdown Live December 5th

We kick off a Smackdown Live show without an authority figure coming to the ring! This is not a drill! Clearly the creative writers of Smackdown Live read my reviews and have taken notice of how irritating seeing Shane McMahon open the show actually is!

It’s the Sami & Kevin Show!

Instead of Shane McMahon, we have the super best-friends of wrestling opening the show and I cannot be more happy about it!

Kevin tells of how he outsmarted Shane McMahon last week when he defeated Randy Orton. To be fair, last week the stipulation was pretty stupid, a no-disqualification match with Sami Zayn banned from ringside.

Sami now gives us an education of what ringside actually means; in the ring, outside the ring and away from ringside altogether! Has some nice heelish insults thrown to the local San Diego crowd for good measure: You only boo because you know it’s true!

Out of nowhere!

As Sami is outside the ring, the Viper strikes and hits Owens with an RKO!

Shane now makes his belated arrival now to advise that Sami would team with Owens at Clash of Champions to face off against Orton & a partner of his choosing, while tonight he would face the Viper 1-on-1 with Owens’ tied to the ring rope! Another strange stipulation.

It’s Rusev Day!

Aidan English welcomes us with the 12-days of Rusev until he was so rudely interrupted by the New Day! Very disgraceful!

Match 1: Rusev & Engligh vs New Day

New Day come to the ring with pancakes again. Really want to know what their fascination with pancakes is, I mean, pancakes are great and all, but still!

The 100% legal stream I have has American ads with a screen-in-screen showing the action. I like this, would watch more live action if this was a thing!

HOLY SHIT, Kofi stop trying to kill yourself! – Insane dive over the top!

After that death-defying dive Kofi rolls Rusev into the ring and sets him up for another move but Engligh causes enough of a distraction for Rusev to gain the advantage and gets the win with a superkick to the back of the head.

Winners: Rusev & Aidan English (by pinfall)

Surely this means that they will be added to the match at Clash of Champions (stupid name, I’m just going to call it #CoC from now on) to make it a fatal-4-way match, hopefully elimination style!


He Ain’t Hyped!

We are reminded again of the betrayal by Mojo Rawley on poor innocent Zack Ryder last week before he talks backstage and tries to explain his actions. Basically, he’s a cunt. Says Ryder was dragging him down!


Confirmed for Smackdown Live Clash of Champions (#CoC)!

Tag-Team Championship match is now a fatal-4-way! Not elimination but interestingly, it will have one member of each team legal in the ring at all times and you can only tag your own partner. This makes absolute sense. Why are all multi-team matches like this!?


Poor Daniel Bryan accosted backstage!

Camella & Tamina with Lana are talking with Daniel backstage trying to get in on the action at Clash of Champions but Daniel confirms it will be Charlotte defending against Natalya.

The Riot(t) Squad now take exception to being “overlooked” for the match a #CoC. Some terrible acting work here from Morgan & Logan, it’s a good thing Ruby is the leader of the group!

End result of all this is that at #CoC it will be a Lumberjack match. Underwhelming!


US Title Competitors Try Work out Percentages

Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode are not very good at maths! Apparently, as Ziggler has been added to their title match their odds of winning the match have gone down by a third. NOPE!

Ziggler cuts them off saying that at #CoC, both the other guys have a 0% chance of winning as he’s taking the gold!


Match 2 Bludgeon Brothers vs Local Talent

Dominant victory. Looked strong.

Winners: Bludgeon Brothers (by pinfall)


Daniel considers Owens request!

Owens tells Zayn that Daniel Bryan has said he will consider the stipulation again for Sami’s match tonight. Strange that we didn’t see that conversation between Owens & Daniel, guess they are trying to limit their on-screen interactions to keep us guessing if something will actually happen with them.


Match 3: Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode

Dammit. I’ve gone 180 on Corbin’s entrance music. Really like it now! Did not see that coming!

We’ve got Dolph Ziggler on commentary. He’s quite entertaining to be fair!

Match doesn’t last too long before Ziggler jumps into the ring and hits them both with a Zig-Zag! Building this feud nicely.

Winner: Bobby Roode (by disqualification). Although they may rule this as a no-contest.


More Natalya shit backstage!

Pure dog-shit acting again.


We get a reminder of the reign of the modern day Maharajah

Not sure what we did to deserve this! Eugh.

Sooner AJ ends this feud, the better!


Match 4: Charlotte vs Tamina (Non-Championship Match)

Match starts and it’s fairly slow to get going, not un-expected considering the competitors on show.

More screen-in-screen ad-break!

Not a bad showing from both women.

Winner: Charlotte (by submission)

After the match we have to put up with another shit promo from Natalya!

The Riott squad come down to threaten the Women’s division but nothing really comes of it. Strange.


Daniel agrees with Shane!

Daniel confirms to Owens & Zayn that Kevin will be handcuffed to the bottom rope.


Match 5: Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton

Kevin Owens is actually handcuffed to the bottom rope. Poor fella, being treated like a common criminal! Disgraceful!

Match starts with a lot of tit-for-tat until Orton gains control and slams Zayn onto the announcers table! Looked sore AF!

Sami finds a boltcutters under the ring and goes to release Owens from his chains but before he can Orton jumps him and then attacks Owens. Totally unprovoked attack!

While in control Orton then hits a fairly sweet Superplex on Zayn! Owens manages to release himself from the chains using the boltcutter but again gets viciously attacked by Orton!

Orton wins with a roll-up! Meh ending to this match!

Winner: Randy Orton (by pinfall)

After the match Sami & Kevin start putting a whooping on Orton until Shinsuke Nakamura comes out for the save! Cleans house with Kinshasa’s for everyone!



We close Smackdown Live with Shane McMahon talking with Daniel Bryan backstage saying how much he enjoyed the ending to that match. Daniel hopes that this is now the end of the punishing and that they can all move on, but no, Shane has other ideas.

He says that he withheld information earlier. The tag match at #CoC will have a special guest referee, Shane O’Mac, and if Owens/Zayn lose then they are out of WWE!

Daniel does not like this at all! There’s definitely something going down at #CoC now!

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