Messi Lingard Strikes Again

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United

Well, we finally scored away from home but normal weekend routes were in service promptly afterwards. United went 2-0 up after 10 minutes and then pulled the bus out and put the handbrake on.

Much like the Watford game in midweek we had the points wrapped up early but sat back and allowed the opposition back into the game. Not sure how many more times I can type this without spontaneously combusting but Jose HAS to start to realise we do not have the players capable of defending for long spells. We sat back for 80 minutes. 80! Luckily we do have one player to help with this, he’s the goalie.

Arsenal were by far the better team because we allowed it, the stats show that. However, only one stat matters and that’s the one on the big screen, 1-3 United.

De Gea

After 10 minutes Jose allowed the game to be all about Arsenal. He had 9 saves in the first half before conceding early in the second due to the numpties he has on front of him. Rojo lets the side down every time he plays, Dave deserved his clean sheet. Around the 55th minute De Gea pulled off a simply unbelievable double save from Lacazette and then Sanchez from very close range. Where would we be without him?? De Gea is the best goalkeeper in the world, it isn’t even close.

Messi Lingard

Jesse had another great game after his display away to Watford. Lingard bagged two goals again and made it look simple. His movement rarely was picked up by Arsenal and he once again linked up wonderfully with Pogba, Lukaku and Martial. He is repaying Joses faith in him.


Tony was so influential in the first two goals. His little pass/touch for the first Lingard goal was sublime. He played well defensively despite my belief that he has no business being back there so often. Play to his strengths. Tony was taken off on the 65th minute for Herrera, he was not happy about it.


What a game he was having. Two assists despite the negative approach which does not allow him to play his game. He was involved in everything we did well. He is irreplaceable, god help us next week because…

No Pogba, No Party II

Pogba was sent off in the 75th minute which means he misses three games. Next up we have City. Playing City without Pogba, what a disaster. I think a straight red is very harsh considering there was no intent, it was clumsy and I can see why he gave it but it doesn’t sit right with me. Hopefully United will appeal it and get him back. David Gill…get the jersey on.

Remember how poor we were without him due to injury against nothing sides? What are we going to be like when we face City without him??

All in all it has been a great week for United. That is the first time this season we have recorded back to back wins. Things are looking good, that what makes the Pogba thing even worse. Oh football…why do you do these things to me?

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