WWE 205 Live Recap 28.11.17

205 Live 28 11 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s 205 Live. Nothing announced for tonight so we’ll likely just get the fallout from Swann winning the Fatal 4-way on Raw to qualify for a Number 1 Contenders match in 2 weeks. And hopefully some Drew Gulak. All the Drew Gulak.

We get confirmation of who will be in the 2nd Fatal 4-way on Raw next week and it will be Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. The 4 of them have a tag team match tonight. YAY, Gulak, YAY. We’re also getting Kalisto vs Jack Gallagher.

This is the 1 year anniversary of 205 Live starting and somehow it’s still going. I never thought we would see this day. It’s so emotional.

And here comes Enzo, uh.


Noam Dar w/ Enzo Amore vs Rich Swann

Enzo’s mic isn’t working. Oh my god, this is the best day ever. And it’s working again. Fuck. He says stuff. Mostly nothing. You know, his speciality.

And he continues talking shit the whole way through the match so I’m zoning out. I did hear Nigel give one of the best one liners about Enzo though. “Does Enzo ever shut up? He needs to save his breath. He’ll need it to blow up his girlfriend tonight.” Classic. Swann wins with a Phoenix Splash.

Winner by Pinfall – Rich Swann

I’m sure it was a grand match. But thus is the power of Enzo’s voice that I actively didn’t watch. That’s gotta be the opposite of what the are going for.


Interview with Kalisto, he says he’s gonna fight his way back into the Cruiserweight title picture and that starts tonight. Or right now I guess


Kalisto vs Jack Gallagher w/ Brian Kendrick

They do a bit of technical stuff for a while. Kalisto gets Gallagher in the ropes and basically does Ambrose’s stupid bouncy thing to him except it makes sense this time because he’s punching him each time. Watch and learn Ambrose, it only makes sense if someone is punching you.

Gallagher then takes the upper hand targeting the neck and midsection of Kalisto. Gallagher goes for a double high kick in the corner but Kalisto avoids it and Gallagher ends up backflipping out of it. But then gets rolled into a Kalisto kick. Kalisto gets all the offense in, hits the Salida del Sol and goes for the win but Kendrick interferes and starts attacking Kalisto.

Winner by DQ – Kalisto

Kendrick uses his jacket to straightjacket Kalisto and Gallagher headbutts him. Heels doing heel things.

We get another promo for Hideo Itami. They need some fresh blood. This will definitely help. He’s still coming soon.


Cedric, Swann and Ali are having the bants in the locker room. Cedric and Ali are both like “I’m gonna win next week” “No, I am” Competitiveness. YAY.


Tony Nese & Drew Gulak vs Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

So which of the 2 heels here are gonna win on Raw next week and face Swann? My money’s on Gulak. I want to see a Gulak/Enzo match. Have dissention in the ‘Zo Train. And have Gulak win. It won’t happen but please…..please?

Gulak has a mic. YES. Tony and Drew are called Team Powerpoint tonight. Microsoft must be looking for royalties on that. The name is so clever that it bears no further explanation. But Gulak will explain it to us anyway. Tony is all power. And Gulak likes to make some salient points. Gulak compares them to the Justice League. Tony is the Aquaman to Drew’s Batman. And Enzo is Superman. Explains why he’s boring as fuck so. And he has a motherfucking POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!!!!!……and Alexander interrupts before we can see it. Someday we will get another Powerpoint Presentation and I greatly look forward to that day.

Match Starts

We get a Powerpoint chant as soon as the match starts. Gulak tells the crowd to shut up cause No Chanting. Frequent tags from the faces isolating Nese. Ali does some flips. Ali goes for a tag but Cedric is off at the other corner arguing with Gulak and misses it. This allows the heels to get the upper hand momentarily. Ali then goes for another tag and him and Alexander have a bit of an argument. Alexander goes back to work on Gulak now. When going for a handspring elbow, Nese takes his hands out and he falls on his face. Nice spot.

Team Powerpoint take control. Nese asks the crowd what day it is and says it’s Ab Day. No Tony, it’s Rusev Day, it’s always Rusev Day. Alexander goes for a tag but Nese comes around and distracts Ali. Team Powerpoint has all the power in this match. And all the points. All of them. Alexander finally gets the hot tag to Ali and Ali takes over. Looks for a tag but nobody is there again. Ali gets crotched on the top rope, there was a blind tag which the cameras completely missed. Alexander gets Nese on his shoulders and Ali does a Flying Crossbody from the top onto him. Gulak breaks up the pin. Ali tags back in and gets shoved into Alexander and then rolled up for a 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – Team Powerpoint

Enzo comes out and celebrates with the ‘Zo Train while Alexander and Ali have a bit of a tiff in the ring.



Alright show there. Not too much happened. You would think that they would have done a bit more for the 1 year anniversary episode.  Since they are having these qualifying matches on Raw, this and next week’s 205 Live will likely just be filler episodes. Although we did get the start of a Kalisto/Kendrick feud so there was that. And whatever happened in that first match. Yep…. all those things…. Fucking Enzo.

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