Total Divas – Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

total divas season 7 episode 3

Greetings, my fellow Total Divas fans! It’s time for another installment of craziness from the lovely women of the WWE. If you missed the last episode, it was a good one, and we have a recap of it right here. Anyway, it’s time to check out the latest Total Divas action…


We kick off the action backstage at Raw. This is the best start to an episode this season, because Nia Jax is in the first segment! She’s talking to Maryse, and she asks if she’s ever played “The Penis Game” (interesting). The game is literally who can say “penis” the loudest in a public place, which is kinda underwhelming, but apparently she loves shouting it. She’s bringing a good type of crazy and randomness to the show anyway, which has been a lot of fun so far.

Next we’re off to Toronto, where Nikki shows up at an awards ceremony. Apparently Brie wants them to do a road trip from Phoenix to San Diego soon, but Nikki isn’t too interested in it. Fairly boring segment to introduce the road trip…

Time to go back to the good ol’ US of A, and we’re off to Orlando. Carmella is at home relaxing with Big Cass. She tries to rap and fails miserably, and then they chat about possibly moving out of Orlando. She wants to move to LA, but he’s not too sold on the idea.

We’re off to Phoenix, but for once it’s not to see the Bellas, it’s to see Smackdown Live! Trinity is talking to Jon, and apparently she’s found someone to put glowing parts on her Women’s title. She’d have to send the title off to have it done, and it would be behind the company’s back. Jon thinks it’s not a good idea, but she seems to have her mind made up.

So it turns out we will see the Bellas in Phoenix. Brie and Nikki show up to the arena, and Brie has Birdie with her. Everyone backstage is happy to see all 3 of them. And there’s a Becky Lynch sighting, which makes it even better!


Lana finds Nattie backstage and shows her a picture. It’s from her title match against Naomi, and apparently her shoulder was not down, so she shouldn’t have lost. She’s seeing this as a chance to try get another match, but Nattie warns her it could be seen as going into business for herself. Lana decides to share it anyway, so we’ll see what happens there. Then we see Naomi ringing the designer to try get the belt customised, and she leaves the arena.

We jump to Houston for a Raw Live Event, and Nia & Bliss have found a tricycle backstage so they’re doing a lap of the arena…. They’re the best part of this season! Then we see Maryse Facetime Carmella, and posing weirdly. Maryse offers for Carmella & Cass to stay in her place in LA next week… fun stuff!

Time for us to go visit Trinity & Jon at home. The doorbell rings, and it’s the newly modified title. She absolutely loves it, but Jon isn’t a fan, and he’s not sure how others will react to it.


It’s time for the Bella Twins road trip (with Birdie). They’re packing up the car, and we’re off n the road. Nikki’s managed to split her dress already. They play “eye-spy”, and looks like a load of fun.

We jump to Smackdown, and Mark Carrano wants to chat to Lana about the picture she shared. He doesn’t want her to go rogue like that, but she’s going to get another match from it.

Off to LA, and we get to see The Miz. Maryse is after getting balloons, and ordered a bigger bed for Big Cass… gonna be a pain in the arse getting that into the house. Then we see some clips of the Bella road trip, but it’s boring. They stop at a petrol station so Brie can feed the baby.

We’re off to see Jon & Trinity again, and they’re out for lunch. A producer rings Trinity and asks what’s going on with the title because they saw pictures of it from a live event. They want to have a look at the belt and talk to her about it. Then there’s more road trip clips, and Nikki seems as bored as I am.

Carmella & Cass arrive at Chateau Marmiz. Carmella thought they were just going to see the house (her phone froze when they were Facetiming). And since the big bed won’t fit in the house, it’s set up outside by the pool. Carmella & Cass decide they want to stay in their hotel, and an awkward moment between the 4 of them ensues. Oh, and the Bellas have arrived in San Diego.


We’re backstage at Smackdown, and Carrano has found Trinity & Nattie. He wants to talk to Trinity about the title. He thinks it’s great what she did, but she done it the wrong way, so he needs to try get the belt cleared before it can be used on TV. It gets cleared eventually, and she can trial it on TV. She has her match against Lana, and beats her within a few seconds to close the show…

Decent show this week, but not as good as last week. The Bella bits were boring, and the Maryse-Carmella bits were fairly meh. But the bits around Lana’s tweet & the Women’s title were decent, and the Bliss-Nia cameo was fantastic, even though it was short (the pair of them are a breath of fresh air and stand out so much in a positive way). Either way, we’ll look forward to next week, to see what they have in store for us next…

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