Smackdown Live Recap Nov 28th

Smackdown Live November 28th

Once again we kick off Smackdown Live with Shane McMahon coming to the ring. I might as well skip the first 10 minutes of this show every week. New Era, same old shit! (Thanks King Ross!)

Shane tells of his disappointment that both Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn were not fired last week by Daniel Bryan.  Daniel then comes to the ring to explain his reasoning, effectively saying that he recognises theri wrong doing but also recognises their value as in-ring performers! (Shockingly, someone in an authority position actually recognises talent?)

Shane then announces that Sami Zayn was banned from ringside for Kevin Owens’ match tonight against Randy Orton but then also announces that this match would be no disqualification. Kind of negates the whole banning of Zayn from ringside no?


Daniel Bryan and the super best friends!

After an ad-break we see Owens & Zayn talking to Daniel Bryan. They try to convince him to allow Sami ringside for the match later. Hell No! Daniel don’t want none!

Match 1 – New Day (Kofi & Woods) vs Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable.

We see more heelish tactics from Gable & Benjamin as they continue to tween. Wonder how they’ll pull the trigger on that heel turn?

Match is quick and full of offense, no rest holds here! New Day pick up the win following an up-up-down-down with Woods getting the pin on Benjamin.

Winners: New Day (by pinfall)

Not sure why the New Day should have won this clean, unless we are in Usos vs New Day part 471!


Naomi, Charlotte & Natalya Backstage

Natalya looks ridiculous.  She actually has cat ears on a head-piece. If she never spoke and became a masked lucha wrestler then I think I would be able to enjoy her, but that’ll never happen!


Match 2 – Bludgeon Brothers vs Hype Bros.

Same as last week, this was quick and painless!

Winners: Bludgeon Brothers (by pinfall)

After the match, Charlie Caruso starts to interview Zack Ryder when he gets attacked by his tag partner Mojo Rawley! This breakup has been coming for quite a while but like the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle situation, it was the wrong guy! Just like it should have been Chad Gable in that situation, this time Zack Ryder should have been the one to turn! Instead we are getting a Mojo Rawley push… Fuck my life!


Bobby Roode Sets his sights on the United States Title

Backstage Bobby Roode is being interviewed and outlines how he plans to confront Baron Corbin for the United States title. Corbin just so happens to be walking past (don’t you love when that happens?) so Roode says that if Corbin is so confident of beating him, why doesn’t he put his title on the line in a match between the two tonight? Corbin just replies ‘No’ and walks away. Excellent stuff!


Match 3 – AJ Styles vs Singh Brothers (Handicap Match)

Before the bell even rings AJ gets attacked from behind by Jinder Mahal. After we get back from an ad-break the match finally begins.

Only thing noteworthy in this match was the finish, a second rope styles-clash on Singh A onto Singh B on the mat. Very well done!

Winner: AJ Styles (by pinfall)

After the match Jinder attacks the Singh brothers, presumably for their failure to annihilate Styles.


Riot Squad Assemble!

The new women’s faction in Smackdown Live re-introduce themselves backstage. Still not sure if they are connected to Paige’s Absolution crew on Monday Night RAW!


Match 4 – Natalya, Charlotte & Naomi vs Riot Squad

So Natalya decides to make an early exit. Even doing that she annoyed me. Maybe I’m just being a dick, but she can’t say anything in the tone or manner it should be delivered in!

During the match Riot & Charlotte are in the ring while Morgan & Logan go and attack Naomi. A bit loose on some of their hits made it look a bit legit dangerous.

Now with a 3-on-1 advantage the Riot Squad make the numbers game count and eventually get the win with Ruby pinning Charlotte.

Winners: Riot Squad (by pinfall)


Fashion Files Sawed

This weeks edition of Fashion Files is Saw themed and we see Breezango & Ascension chained up in a tiled room, when suddenly an iPad turns on (it still has the charger cable in!) and the vision of Jigsaw tells them they have 60 seconds to destroy what they love most before a poisonous gas gets released into the room.

Ascenion quickly realise it is the toy horse that must be destroyed to get the key to unchain themselves and get out. So they find the key and give it to Fandango. He unchains himself and Breezango and leave poor Ascension behind to suffer a terrible fate. Poor Ascension just want to be their friends!


Match 5 – Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton – No Disqualification Match

Match starts at a hell-fire pace with them on the outside and Owens being thrown onto the Smackdown Live announce table. Orton follows this up with an assault using a Kendo stick! Dam, he laying a whooping on his ass!

Tables turn now as Owens has the upper hand after a nice cheap shot using a kendo stick of his own.

Orton has a few “Vintage” moment hitting a lovely superplex off the top & follows it up shortly afterwards with a powerslam! (Or scoop-slam if you’re Michael Cole circa 2009!)

The brawl moves into the arena now as Owens seeks a moments rest-bite from the Viper’s attack and as they reach the stage Sami Zayn comes out with a chair and lays into Orton! Big KO drags Orton back to the ring and eventhough he does manage a little bit of offense, Owens is able to recapture control by a chop block followed by a super-kick followed by a frog-splash!

Winner: Kevin Owens (by pinfall)


Daycent Smackdown Live

Decent show overall. Really like how they are developing the Owens/Zayn/Bryan situation. I am hoping for a big payoff with Bryan finally turning & teaming up with the super best friends of wrestling.

Other than that, not sure why New Day got the win, surely a push for Benjamin & Gable would have been more beneficial to everyone and similarly why did Mojo have to be the one to turn?!

Oh well, another day another Smackdown Live! Make sure to tune in this weekend for our weekly Bits Out Wrestling podcast. We chat all the happenings from the wacky world of professional wrestling!

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