Young At Heart – United Escape Disaster

Watford 2-4 Manchester United

Well, what happened there?! United really should have had the points in the bag in the first half after two brilliant Ashley Young goals in the space of 6 minutes. Martial followed up with a goal just after the 30 minute mark.

United didn’t start well but once they got their heads in the game Watford fell to pieces. United should have had a hatful more but despite what the first half of this game may suggest finishing is not our strong point.

The second half was the opposite and was more like the performances we have seen recently. Terrible finishing and odd strategies that allow teams back into the game. The match was over after half an hour, don’t sit back. Do what got you there. Modern management madness. We spent the last 6 minutes with our backs against the wall after Watford were allowed back into the game. Luckily Jesse Lingard scored a phenomenal goal to finally put the game beyond Watford…after throwing away a huge lead.

Ashley Young

What a performance. Young got the winner through a deflection at the weekend but he was poor on the day. Tonight he was the opposite. He tore Watford to shreds and did well carrying out his defensive duties.

His first goal was a peach, catching the ball on the half volley and the keeper at his near post. His second was a perfect free kick. Even Jose was shocked.

Jesse Lingard

On the opposite flank Jesse was equally as good. He linked up well with the oncoming Valencia and often cut inside setting up the likes of Pogba, Lukaku and Martial. He was a constant thorn in Watford’s side. After United had nearly thrown the game away Jesse got the 4th with a genuine goal of the season contender. Amazing run and finish.

Victor Lindelof

The new man has had plenty of stick since signing for United in the summer. He had a good game at the weekend and followed it up with another solid performance. With a few games under his belt and the return of Bailly to come it gives me hope.


Lukaku really should scored had at least two. His form is in the bin, you can tell he is devoid of any confidence. Lukaku had a one-on-one with the keeper to make it 0-4 and he shit the bed. A few minutes later it was 2-3 and United were under severe pressure. I’ve said it 900 times now, he HAS to start taking chances.

Take chances or take notes

With Arsenal at the weekend I expected Pogba to come off but United were so laid back in the second half that his presence was needed. We need to learn how to put these games to bed. The game was essentially over after 32 minutes and yet we were under severe pressure after Watford scored that penalty and got a second soon after.

Jose has to stop sitting back with 35 mins to play…we do not have the players to do that job. How a three goal lead ended with me feeling like we were lucky to get anything from the game is beyond me.

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