OTT Contenders 3 Recap

OTT Contenders 3 Recap

So I’ve finally gotten around to watching OTT Contenders 3. The hype is real for this show. I’ve heard some amazing things, particularly around the main event. So let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Ango opens the show with OTT kayfabe owner William J Humperdink filling in for the well well wellness policy violating Don Marnell on commentary. Humperdink doesn’t have anything to say to the fans so Foxy and Butch are introduced. The time is now. the place is here. This is OTT.


Terry Thatcher vs Michael May

I guess Callum Black isn’t the No. 1 Contender anymore. Thatcher gets on the mic. Talks about Michael May refusing to team up with at the last show and says he needs to “brace” himself for what’s coming. He wears braces. Puns, yay. Thatcher tries to attack May before he even gets into the ring. Thatcher is in jeans, I never understand wrestling in jeans. It’s just gotta be so awkward. Thatcher dominates for most of the match throwing May into the ringpost multiple times. May gets a comeback with a delayed suplex and a missile dropkick from the top rope. Thatcher sets up for superkick but it gets countered into a bucklebomb and a suplex.

Thatchers fires back with a drop toe hold into the bottom rope and a kick to the back of the head. Thatcher claims that May is knocked out and tells Foxy to go check on him. Foxy says he’s grand. The braces are up and back down again now, shit’s about to get real. Thatcher runs at May but gets rolled up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Michael May

Nice opening match there. Thatcher showing a lot more character than he has up to now. I’m glad he moved away from that skinhead gimmick. May put on a decent display too.


Martina & Amy Allonsey vs Debbie Keitel & Harlow O’Hara

Harlow O’Hara came over from the States for this one. Haven’t heard of her before so we’ll see what she’s got. Martina gets her new David Starr esc intro from Butch. I think this might have been the first time it was used actually. Martina passes out from all the jumping around in her entrance. The medic is called and she takes out a can out of her first aid bag. That does the job nicely and the match gets underway.

They both came out like faces so the crowd aren’t really too sure what to think on this one. Made for a weird atmosphere at the start. They have managed to switch corners since the match started. Not sure how that happened. O’Hara had a great rolling transition into a submission. Pretty quick match. Martina gives a superkick to Debbie’s face but she pretty much no sells it. Debbie then gets the win with a X Factor on Amy.

Winners by Pinfall – Debbie Keitel & Harlow O’Hara

That ended out of nowhere really. It really should have been longer. I wanted to see more from these women and some more time would have been nice. After the match Martina teases superkicking Amy for losing the match but gives her a hug instead. Then hugs the other 2 and they all dance for a bit to Martina’s music.


Scotty Davis vs Hyperstreak vs LJ Cleary

Another American import into this one. Hyperstreak is from Vegas and was doing a mini tour of Ireland at the time. He did CCW, FFPW and MSW along with this OTT show in his 2 trips over. I also haven’t seen him before so am looking forward to seeing what he can do. As for LJ Cleary, #It’sAWig.

Cleary starts running his mouth to both his opponents and ends up taking a spinning kick to the head from Scotty as a result. Hyperstreak clears a path through the crowd and gets Cleary with a Running Knee after a long runup. Scotty with the Gator Rolls to Hyperstreak. Scotty and LJ end up teaming up inadvertently with a suplex/springboard dropkick combo. The teamup is shortlived however and Scotty gets LJ in an armbar over the top rope. Followed by a moonsault to Hyperstreak on the outside.

Cleary tries to springboard his way back into the ring but gets caught in a suplex by Davis. The ensuing pin gets broke up with a Splash from the top rope by Hyperstreak. The 3 are now on their knees in a circle chopping each other with LJ showing crazy flexibility with how back he falls each time. After some back and forth and with Cleary after been taken out by both men, Hyperstreak gets Scotty into a Sharpshooter. Cleary breaks it up with a kick to the back of the head. LJ seems to think that he owns OTT. The fans are quick to correct him. As is Humperdink on commentary. Cleary gets Hyperstreak with a Falcon Arrow and then Scotty rolls Cleary up into a Rings of Saturn and the wigged one taps out.

Winner by Submission – Scotty Davis

That match was great. I really enjoyed it. Nice mix of high-flying and technical stuff. Could have been in the Tivoli easily. Match of the night so far. But I’ve heard great things about 2 matches still to come so we’ll see if it stays that way.


Fabulous Nicky, & Club Tropicana vs B Cool & Team Prick

Team Prick are not too keen to be teaming with B Cool. Captain Sexsea and Aidan Epix are all done up in pink ring gear. Rick starts off against Aiden Epix. We start off with some cartwheels and a superhero pose. B Cool and Nick are now in and B calls Nicky a poor man’s Joey Ryan. Nicky retorts by calling B a poor man’s Joe Coffey. B says that he’s Ric Flair and Nicky is Carlito or something. We then get a montage of Flair moves ending in a Figure 4 where the rest of the guys roll them all over and back.

Peter and the Capt. are now in the ring and start a spankoff.  Foxy ends up wearing the Capt.’s hat and glasses. Nicky tries to kiss B Cool and all the rest come in to try to break it up, This ends up with everyone kissing everyone. B Cool goes for Old School but Team Prick won’t help him so he ends up getting pulled off the top and over to the corner.

The Captain oils up himself and Epix’s back. He then puts on a swimming hat and goggles and hits the Super Sexy Slip n’ Slide where he slides along Epix’s back and lands head first into B Cool’s crotch. Nicky superkicks Team Prick and then gets a Karate Kick from B Cool. Epix gets an Airplane spin on B Cool. After a failed 450 Splash, B Cool gets a BRAINBUSTER for the win.

Winners by Pinfall – B Cool & Team Prick

They all shake hands after the match and B Cool and Team Prick do a photo op for the fans. I always say nobody does comedy better than OTT. Nothing has changed from that statement.


Connor Andrews vs Luther Ward

Luther still playing the heel after his performance from Contenders 2 where he was a dick to Scotty. Still continues to be a dick to Andrews and the crowd. Goes for a chop and pokes Andrews in the eyes instead. Andrews does a flip onto Ward from the top rope to the outside. Goes for a dive into the ring after this and gets caught with a forearm by Ward. Ward goes for some headlocks for a while.

Standing shooting Star by Andrews and he chooses not to go for a pin. He does another suplex and then tries for a cocky one foot on the chest pin. That was a bit out of nowhere and didn’t really suit the narrative of the match. Took the crowd out of it. Ward gets a Rolling Hangman’s Neckbreaker for a 2 count. Andrews gets Ward with a F-5 and then gets Ward in a Koji Clutch instead of going for the pin. Rolling suplex by Ward.

Ward goes for an Alabama Slam but it’s countered into a Canadian Destroyer. Andrews goes  for a 450 Splash (didn’t quite make it) and gets a 2 count. He tries a Tilt-a-whirl DDT but it kinda falls apart and then Luther gives him a Suplex for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Luther Ward

Really sloppy finish on that one. Not sure what went wrong. The story of Andrews being inexperienced and not going for a pin when he should have took a little while to get there bit did get there eventually.


Curtis Murray & Nathan Martin vs Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz making their OTT and Irish Wrestling debut here. A lot of CZW people over for this show. Butch tries to announce them both as the illegitimate sons of Martina. But they correct him and inform him that it is in fact just Wentz that is Martina’s son.

Wentz and Xavier get the comedy aspects of OTT to a tee straight away with Graves trying to explain to Xavier that Martin is stronger than he looks and he can’t get out of the hold he’s in. Xavier has a fantastic Dropkick. Murray does his bounce off all the ropes headscissors thingy, a name on that would be nice. Followed up with a headscissors airplane spin. Murray and Martin go for a dive but get stepped. Xavier and Wentz then double-team to dropkick the fuck out of the OTT lads.

Wentz with a Bronco Buster to Nathan. We get a Session Son chant. Nathan gets worked over for quite a while. Double Moonsaults in Stereo from Scarlet and Graves. Martin gets a Shining Wizard and eventually gets the tag to Murray. Murray with more spinning bouncing of the ropes moves into a double armdrag. He follows this up with dives to both sides of the ring. Big exchange of boots and knees after that from all 4 guys. Ends with Xavier doing a few backflips into coming down on the back of Curtis’s head with a boot.

Murray and Xavier trading forearms until Xavier holds Murray in various positions while Wentz kicks him in the head. Xavier finishes it off with a Cross Rhodes. Martin just about breaks up the pin. Murray and Martin hit a double-team codebreaker sequence on Xavier and he kicks out at 2. Murray and Martin hit a Forward Russian Leg Sweep/Cutter but Wentz throws Martin onto the pin to break it up. A whole load of vicious looking superkicks from Wentz. Xavier hits a Reverse-rana and Scarlet & Graves follow this up with a double foot stomp to Murray while he is on Xavier’s knees. One last double-team move where Wentz does a Standing Moonsault at the feet of Murray and Xavier pushes him midair so he lands perfectly. And that’s the 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – Scarlet & Graves

That was awesome. I’ve never seen Scarlet & Graves before and they impressed the fuck out of me. So the rumours were true about this match. New match of the night right there. And it now makes sense why Murray and Martin earned their spot at the 3rd Anniversary show after that. The fans chant Tivoli.


Shane Strickland vs Jordan Devlin

I have heard crazy good things about this match too. More of the CZW invasion and we have the CZW Champ taking on the next OTT Champ. A kid heckles Strickland so he takes his chair from him and puts it in the ring and sits down on it. The crowd chants at the kid to say he’s sorry. He eventually does, Shane gives the kid his chair back and the match starts.

We start off with some chain wrestling. Very nice stuff and they are all evenly matched, reversals all over the place. Devlin attempts a dive to the outside, gets stopped and hurricanranaed (if that’s a word). Strickland then tries a dive but Devlin evades so Strickland does a handspring off the apron to land on the floor instead. Devlin gets thrown up onto the bar. Does a Moonsault which gets caught by Strickland and then reversed again into a Tilt-a-whirl DDT on the hardwood floor. That was nuts.

Back in the ring again and we have some kicks and punches, then Devlin hits a Urinagi followed by a Standing Moonsault for a 2 count. Strickland targeting Devlin’s left elbow and throws him backwards into the corner on it. Then stretches the elbow out like fuck. Then cracks the entire of Devlin’s arm back way further than it should go eliciting a sickening groan from Devlin, the crowd, and me watching it on my monitor. Strickland kicks Devlin straight up the face. Back to the elbow again. Targeting a body part, a lost art in wrestling nowadays. Devlin counters with some headbutts and we get some forearm trading between the 2. Jordan hits a Slingshot Cutter to Strickland.

Devlin goes for the Package Piledriver but doesn’t have the strength in his left arm to lock it in. Strickland uses his legs to sweep Devlin’s arm and both legs individually to take him down. He follows up with a kick to the back of Devlin’s head. Strickland gets Devlin with a Cutter and a long 2 count. 619 into Devlin’s stomach followed up with a Springboard into a Paydirt. He also adds a Vertical Suplex before getting a really long 2 count. Strickland stomp’s on Devlin’s face and tries for an armbar but Devlin’s stops it from getting fully locked in and gets to the ropes.

They are on the apron now and after some trading shots, Devlin DDTs Strickland onto the apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. Devlin goes for a soccer kick but gets kicked in his supporting leg and comes tumbling off the apron. Strickland takes another chair from a fan and puts Devlin in it. He jumps off the apron and doublestomps Devlin through the chair. The chair’s legs came flying off. Back in the ring, Strickland gets Devlin with a Flying Knee. Then hits a Spinning GTS and Devlin somehow kicks out.

Both men back on their feet. They barrel roll and Devlin gets a Double Foot Stomp into Strickland’s chest. Then a Brainbuster. 2 count. Kick in the face. 2 count. Devlin goes for a Package Piledriver but the elbow is still bothering him. Strickland flips him around and lands in an armbar. Devlin blocks it from getting fully locked in and gets a rollup for a 2 count. Running Knee from Devlin. 2 Head Kicks by Strickland. Dropkick by Devlin. Devlin gets Strickland in the Package Piledriver position and finally hits it. 1. 2. 3.

Winner by Pinfall – Jordan Devlin

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I had heard a lot of hype for this one. And it lived up to all of it. One of if not Match of the Year right there. And it was on a Contenders Show rather than a regular one. It just goes to show that any OTT show is can’t miss at this stage.


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