WWE Survivor Series 2017 Recap

Survivor Series 2017

So we’ve reached Survivor Series! Some of you might not have heard, but this is the one night a year where Raw & Smackdown go head to head in direct competition. They have a tough challenge in their hands to try to last nights NXT Takeover (which we have reviewed here). There’s been a few last minute additions to the preshow, in the shape of Matt Hardy vs Elias and Breezango vs Zayn & Owens. Anywho, let’s see how they get on…


Elias vs Matt Hardy

We’ve all predicted Elias by pinfall

Elias comes out and he has a song for us. The crowd are being rude and booing him. He’s a professional so he keeps singing away, until he’s interrupted (again)…

Hardy controls the early stages until we go to a break. When we return Elias starts working over Matt’s left shoulder, including a nice Angels Wings into a shoulderbreaker.

Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, is sent into the ringpost, then Elias hits the Drift Away for the win.

Solid match, but shame they had to perform in front of a quarter-full arena.

Winner (by pinfall) Elias


We have Miz on the social media lounge. He says he’s an elite level talent (it’s true, sorry Steve), and the time for talk is over. The questions were the usual quality, and Miz completely tore it apart… it was beautiful!


Enzo Amore vs Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship

We’ve all predicted Enzo by pinfall

Kalisto messes up his entrance… are we sure this isn’t Sin Cara?

Aggressive start from both guys. Nice Sunset Flip Bomb from Kalisto for a 2 count. Wrestling happens, there’s slightly more people in the crowd but still no atmosphere at all.

Enzo keeps him grounded most of the match, they brawl on the apron, Enzo exposes part of the buckle, rams Kalisto into it. They get back in the ring and Enzo hits his finish to retain the title!

Decent match, but an awful lot of rest holds for a Cruiserweight title match. Be interesting to see who the next contender is.

Winner (by pinfall, and still champion): Enzo Amore


Super Best Friends (Zayn & Owens) vs Breezango

We’ve all gone for Owens & Zayn by pinfall

What the fuck are Owens & Zayn doing on the preshow? They cut a promo, Owens runs down the crowd, Sami bursts himself laughing, and they both slate Shane McMahon, until Breezango interrupt. They come out and talk about Zayn & Owens fashion violations, and we have our match! Dango starts off the match and clears both guys from the ring, and they give them tickets for their violations.

Back from a break and Breeze is controlling Zayn, until interference from Owens allows Zayn to gain the upper hand and get a tag. They both work over Breeze and keep him grounded. Owens goes for a Senton but Breeze gets his knees up, and gets a hot tag to Fandango.

Fandango clears out both guys, and hits a nice tornado DDT on Zayn. Owens sends Breeze into the apron, and drags Zayn out of the way of a leg drop. He tags himself in, hits a popup powerbomb, and they get the win!

Good match. Makes Zayn & Owens look strong, but still a good showing for Breezango.

Winners (by pinfall): Owens & Zayn


And now time for another 4 hours of wrestling on the main card…


The New Day vs The Shield

We all predicted Shield by pinfall

Wow, surprised they’re starting with this match! Big E showering fans with cereal again. New Day cut a standard New Day promo, and out come The Shield.

A “you still suck” chant for Roman as he faces off against Big E before they both tag out. Kofi manages to take control of Ambrose and New Day do the Unicorn Stampede twice. Rollins & Reigns run around to break it up, and Big E hits his Suicide Spear on Ambrose.

Rollins gets a hot tag and he cleans house. He hits Woods with a buckle bomb, and Reigns follows it with a clothesline (why not go for the Spear?). Rollins and Ambrose hit the Ripcord Knee-Dirty Deeds on Kofi, but Woods breaks up the pin.

Shield go for the Triple Powerbomb, but Big E drags Roman out, and they lay out the Shield. They hit a Double Midnight Hour on Rollins & Ambrose, but Roman spears Big E on top of the pin to break it up.

We have a standoff, followed by all 6 guys brawling with each other. Big E & Woods get laid out outside, Reigns spears Kofi, and they hit the Triple Powerbomb off the middle rope for the win!

Great opener! Some really nice spots, and got the crowd nicely warmed up.

Winners (by pinfall): The Shield (1-0 Raw)


Backstage segment with Stephanie getting Raw’s women fired up for the next match


Team Raw (Fox, Asuka, Nia, Bayley & Sasha) vs Team Smackdown (Becky, Tamina, Carmella, Naomi & Natalya)

We all predicted Team Raw, Fitz said Bayley as Sole Survivor, while the rest said Asuka as Sole Survivor

Becky & Fox start off. Foxy controls it early, but Becky rallies and goes for the Disarmher. Bayley gets a blind tag and rolls her up for the shock elimination (Becky Eliminated, 5-4)

Team Raw works over Tamina in their corner, until she overpowers Bayley. Carmella hits Bayley with a super kick, Tamina hits a splash, and gets the elimination (Bayley Eliminated, 4-4)

Nia & Tamina square off, and trade headbutts. Cannonball from Nia for a 2 count. Nia grabs Tamina for a Samoan Drop but Lana distracts her and Tamina sends her to the outside with a super kick. She hits a super kick and dive to the outside, and gets Nia counted out (Nia Eliminated, 3-4)

Botched pin on Fox gets her eliminated by Naomi, and Sasha sneaks in a Banks Statement to eliminate Naomi (Fox & Naomi eliminated, 2-3)

Carmella slaps Asuka, and Asuka kicks her in the face for the elimination (Carmella eliminated, 2-2)

Sasha dominating Nattie, and hits the double knee in the corner. She locks in the Banks Statement, but Tamina breaks it up. Nattie sends her into the turnbuckle, then locks in a sharpshooter to force Sasha to tap (Sasha Eliminated, 1-2)

Tamina & Nattie Work over Asuka. Tamina misses a splash, Asuka locks in an armbar, and we#re down to our final two (Tamina eliminated, 1-1)

Asuka hits a spin kick, and locks in the Asuka Lock for the win!

Really good match. Kinda crappy way to eliminate Nia, but overall it was good. And Asuka was made to look strong, which she needed given her booking so far…

Winner: Team Raw (Sole Survivor: Asuka) (2-0 Raw)


A promo video for the WWE Network. With the amount of video packages so far it feels like they’re scrambling to fill in time. Don’t run 4 hour shows if you can’t provide 4 hours of content! That’s followed by a backstage segment with Stephanie and D-Bry… more filler!


Miz vs Baron Corbin

Bowe & I said Corbin by pinfall, the 2 Steves said Miz by pinfall

Maryse is in the crowd so expect some interaction with her.

They brawl early on. Corbin lays him out of the floor and blows a kiss to Maryse, then says he’s what a real man looks like. They end up outside again, and as Corbin goes to get back in Axel distracts the ref, allowing Bo Dallas to take out Corbin’s knee, and Miz takes control.

Miz keeps working over the leg, and locks in the Figure 4, but Corbin reaches the ropes. Miz rushes him, and Corbin hits the Deep Six.

Corbin fires up, takes out Axel and hits End of Days on Bo. This allows Miz take control again. Miz hits a DDT follows by the It Kicks. He goes for a corner clothesline, but Corbin catches him in the End of Days for the win.

Really decent match. Neither guy will ever have a match of the year candidate, but they put on a good showing here.

Winner (by pinfall): Baron Corbin (2-1 Raw)


Backstage segment with Heyman. I’ll assume he said something about how great AJ is, but he’s not Brock Lesnar. (I went to get a drink)


The Bar vs The Usos

Bow & I said Bar by pin, the Steves said Usos by pin

Hard hitting back and forth early on. Jey goes for a dive to the outside but eats an uppercut from Cesaro, and Jimmy follows with a suicide dive to clear out Cesaro.

The Bar goes all Super Saiyan and hit a double gut kick, and keep Jimmy grounded. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse for a 2 count. Sheamus launches Jimmy up into an uppercut from Cesaro for another 2 count.

Wrestling happens, they brawl back and forth, Cesaro locks in a Sharpshooter but Jey reaches the ropes. Sheamus runs into the ringpost and Jey goes for a splash but Sheamus catches him for White Noise. Cesaro adds a springboard legdrop to it, and Jimmy breaks up the pin.

Cesaro catches Jey for a Powerbomb, but he grabs Sheamus for a Samoan Drop off the top rope, and gets a 2 count… nicely done!

Sheamus eats super kicks from both Usos, followed by a double super kick. Jey dives out onto Cesaro, and Jimmy hits a splash on Sheamus for the win.

Cracker of a match! These were probably the 2 most consistent teams of the past year, and they did not disappoint.

Winners (by pinfall): Usos (2-2)


Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte

I went with Bliss by pin, everyone else said Charlotte by submission

We take a trip down Commentary Row, and we see Sean Deng! Hero of a man!

Vicious arm wringer takedown from Bliss from the apron to the floor. Charlotte rolls Bliss up, but Bliss kicks out and sends her face first into the turnbuckle.

Bliss wants to go for Twisted Bliss, but Charlotte moves. Bliss with a Code Red (Sunset Bomb) for a 2 count. She goes for a DDT, but Charlotte grabs the ropes to stop it. Bliss jumps on her and locks in a guillotine… nice!

Charlotte makes it to her feet, and slams Bliss to the mat. Charlotte hits Natural Selection, but only gets a 2 count. She goes up top for her moonsault, but Bliss rolls out of the way. Bliss hits a forearm, followed by her DDT, but Charlotte gets her foot on the rope.

Bliss works over Charlottes ribs in the corner. She goes for Twisted Bliss, but Charlotte gets her knees up. She hits a big boot, locks in the Figure 8, and gets the win!

Good match, and leaves both women looking strong.

Winner (by submission): Charlotte (3-2 Smackdown)


Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles

Nicky & I predicted Brock by DQ, Fitz said AJ by DQ, and Steve said Brock by pinfall

There’s an hour and a half to go, and only this and the male Survivor Series match left…

Lesnar bursts out of the gates, overpowering Styles and throwing him around. Styles is selling and bumping like a champ for him.

Styles finally gets an opening when Lesnar misses a knee in the corner. AJ kicks out the leg and hits a DDT. He goes for his moonsault DDT but gets caught in midair. AJ counters, and goes for a tornado DDT, but Brock falls over. Pele Kick from AJ to a kneeling Lesnar. He goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but gets caught with a German Suplex. 

AJ hits a springboard moonsault, followed by a springboard 450, but only gets a 2 count. He counters an F5 attempt into a Calf Crusher, but Lesnar slams his head to the mat to break the hold.

Brock goes for the F5 again, AJ slips to the apron, and hits a Phenomenal Forearm, but Brock kicks out at 2. He goes for the Forearm again, but Brock catches him in midair for an F5, and gets the win!

Fantastic match! AJ looked fantastic even in defeat, and Brock still looks borderline unstoppable, even though he was selling the leg the whole way up the ramp.

Winner (by pinfall): Brock Lesnar (3-3)


Team Raw (Angle, HHH, Balor, Joe & Strowman) vs Team Smackdown (Shane, Roode, Nakamura, Orton & Cena

I went for Raw, with Joe & HHH surviving. The guys all went Smackdown (Bowe said Nakamura & Orton, Fitz said Cena & Shane, and Steve said Orton & Shane)

Shane jumps Strowman from behind, but gets flung across the ring. There’s so many matches I want to see within this match!

HHH vs Roode both hit each other with spinebusters, and have their finishers countered, and HHH tags in Angle. Angle and Roode hit a double clothesline, and Roode tags Nakamura.

Shinsuke takes out HHH and Angle, and had a cheap shot at Strowman on the apron. He unloads on all of Team Raw, but Strowman catches him with a Running Powerslam for the first elimination (Nakamura Eliminated, 5-4)

Strowman plants Roode with a Running Powerslam, and that’s another gone (Roode Eliminated, 5-3)

Joe tags in, there’s tension between him and Braun, and with HHH and Angle. Team Smackdown takes advantage to take out everyone except Braun, and Cena & Orton double team him to knock him to the outside. All 5 members of Team Smackdown help suplex him through a table (Surely that’s a DQ, since 2 of the lads were eliminated)

Shane goes up top, but Joe suplexes him off it. He goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Shane counters and tags Cena. Joe hits his Senton combo for a 2 count. Finn tags himself in, Joe tags himself back in, they argue. Cena hits an AA on Joe, one on Finn and another on Joe, and Cena pins him (Joe eliminated, 4-3)

Cena goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Kurt grabs him in the Anklelock. Angle Slam from Kurt, but Shane breaks it up. Finn hits a Coup de Grace, Kurt with another Angle Slam, and Cena is gone! (Cena eliminated, 4-2)

Balor with a slingblade and dropkick. He goes for the Coup de Grace, but Orton moves. He hits an RKO for the elimination (Balor eliminated, 3-2)

Kurt & HHH Work over Orton a bit. He rallies and is crawling to Shane, but Owens & Zayn drag Shane off the apron. Shane and Orton fight them off, but Orton turns into a clothesline from Braun. He hits the Running Powerslam for his 3rd elimination (Orton eliminated, 3-1)

Shane gets some near falls on Angle. Kurt hits an Angle Slam, and locks in an anklelock. Shane almost reaches the ropes, but Angle pulls him back. HHH gets in the ring and Pedigrees Kurt. He puts Shane on Kurt, and he gets the pin (Angle eliminated, 2-1)

HHH is staring down Braun, and helps Shane to his feet. He Pedigrees Shane, and he gets the win!

Good match, especially in the early parts. Once the eliminations started to fall it seemed like they were rushing a bit to reach the finish though. The finish was a tad strange, but sacrificing Kurt like that fits the “cerebral assassin” gimmick, I suppose.

Winners: Team Raw (Survivors: HHH & Strowman)


(Raw wins Survivor Series 4-3 overall)


After the match Strowman grabs HHH by the throat, and says if he ever tries to cross him again he’ll never play this game again. Braun goes to leave, but HHH tries to Pedigree him. Braun plants him with 2 Running Powerslams to close the show…


Really good show overall. The major problem I have with shows like this is that it will inevitably come down to the last match being the decider, but the match quality was good enough throughout that I didn’t mind that as much as I normally would. I know people will inevitably complain that it was HHH that got the win in the main event and that they should have put someone over to try “make a new star”. But my outlook on it is that in doing what they done with Braun here it looks like they’re finally seeing sense and realising that he is their next star, and a feud with HHH (and possibly Steph) could get him some huge pops…


Also, in our prediction game, Steve has reclaimed his crown by the narrowest of margins. We were all separated by only 3 points:

Steve: 16

Bowe: 15

Gordo: 14

Fitz: 13

About the author: Mark Gordon - Junior Executive Vice President of Time Travel and Thermodynamics, Raw Reviewer & Liverpool fan - Gordo loves Wrestling, many types of football (American, Gaelic and Soccer), numerous other sports and Video Games. He also enjoys running through fields of wheat, and subscribes to the theory that there is a suitable Simpsons reference for every situation.

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