TrackMania Turbo – Free Stuff Review

Trackmania Turbo Review

TrackMania Turbo is available for free on Xbox Live Games with Gold from 1st November to 30th November.


I’m a little bit behind in my Games with Gold reviews this month. Too many AAA titles coming out distracting me. But this one is still up so let’s see how it is.


You aren’t going to get all the realism, pomp and circumstance of a Forza or a Gran Turismo out of this game. What you are going to get however is a fun trial trial based racing game that throws on a bunch of humour to boot. There are roller coaster parts, off-road parts, track parts. A bit of everything.


I would liken this game more to Mario Kart than to a serious racer. It’s just a fun game. Short tracks, playing against the clock, instead of other people, but with a tonne of multiplayer options too. You can even team up with another person and control one car. You’ve really got to get on the same page for that one or else you will spend a lot of time facing the walls.

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In regards single player, the campaign has 200 levels spread across 4 different worlds. These levels range from 20 secs long to a couple of minutes and you need to beat times to get medals. It’s addictive as fuck and you just want to keep getting a few hundredths of a second off your time. The 4 worlds use different cars that behave differently and also have different terrains which wildly affect it too. This means that every level is different and challenging while still being easy to pick up and play.


The multiplayer is an interesting experience as it puts you with 99 other people on a track and you have a certain time to get the best lap time that you can. All the other people appear as ghost cars for you. This means that at the start, there are just a mess of cars everywhere. Basically the entire thing is the Qualifying stages of an F1 grand prix but with insanity all around. There is also 4 way split screen multiplayer so it’s great for a session.

There is also a tonne of humour in the game with funny signs and loading screens all around you which lightens the mood too. Speaking of loading screens, if you need to restart a level or go back to a checkpoint, it’s instantaneous which is nice. Keeps everything flowing really well as you end up pressing that button a lot when you make slight mistake and end up barreling off a cliff. The create-a-track mode is also super in-depth and should keep anyone that likes that sort of thing happy. Personally, I’m lazy and like to just play stuff that’s already made. But different strokes for different folks and all that.



All in all, the game is a tonne of fun. It’s appealing to the competitive gamer who wants a challenge. And its also appealing to someone who just wants to pick up a controller and have a bit of fun. I’m gonna give it 4 Meltzers overall. It’s definitely something you will want to have ready to go if you have a few friends over and feel you are a bit too old for Mario Kart.

TrackMania Turbo was released on 22 March 2016 and was developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft

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