NXT Takeover WarGames Recap

NXT Takeover WarGames Recap

So I’ve been at the German beer tent in town and have a few steins of Weissbier in me. And am now on the fancy Whiskey that was in the press. So this review could go one of 2 ways. It could be great or it could be an incoherent mess. Sure we’ll see how it goes. Either way, I still expect NXT Takeover WarGames to blow Survivor Series out of the water though.

We also have our 2BitSports Predictions going on for this show. I’ll have that bit in italics. We even have predictions via Ouija Board from the recently deceased Fitz who sadly passed away at the shock of Jinder losing the WWE title. We are all in the same boat for 3 out of 5 of the matches so there are only 2 matches that will give any of us an advantage here.


And we’re off. We start with an Eisenhower promo about War with stuff about the WarGames match over it. ‘Merica and all that. Despite the fact that over half the people on the show aren’t even American. It’s really weird seeing a 2nd ring there. Let’s see how they manage it for the rest of the show.


Kassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan

Gordo is going for Ohno is this one as he has an irrational love for him. Probably deserved but still. The rest of us are going for Lars.

Lars has a nice new entrance for Takeover, firey spotlight thing. Ohno right out the gate with the elbows. Lars showing all the strength with a popup powerslam. Hard cam veering a little to the left to avoid that 2nd ring. More elbows from Ohno followed up with a big boot to the face. Lars wins pretty quick with the Freak Accident.

Winner by Pinfall – Lars Sullivan

Sorry Gordo, it was always gonna be Lars. He’s on a major push right now. Disappointed it wasn’t a bit longer though.


We get an ad for a new Takedown playset that they have in production, basically an Ultimate X match with cages on either side, it seems. I’m assuming there will be one of those matches soon so. They love pimping out their toys. How many shark cages have we had now since they started selling that toy?


Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream

We’re all agreed on this one. Blacks getting the win.

This match has been built up so well. One of the best builds they have had in a long time so the match has a bit to live up to. Blacks entrance is awesome as always. Looks like they are using the 2nd ring for this one. Mixing it up is interesting alright. They just showed a wide angle shot that showed how empty the hard cam side is. Velveteen Dream with a Rick Rude style ring gear with his own face airbrushed on one side and Black’s on the other one. The crowd chant Velveteen’s name. He’s tell Black that they know his name and he’ll know it soon.

Black using a bunch of submissions to show that he’s the better wrestler. He does his springboard sitdown thing and Velveteen responds with a hip gyration. He then sits down opposite Black who does Velveteen’s crawling thing back to him. Dream teases a dive and then slips back into the ring. The crowd seem really pro-Velveteen.

Velveteen gets Black ties up in the ropes and asks him what his name is. His answer is a kick to the face. Blacks gets his Springboard Moonsault onto a rebounding Dream for a 2 count. Some trading uppercuts and kicks. Then Dream gets a Death Valley Driver with a cartwheel. Gets a 2 count out of it. Dream goes for an Avalanche Death Valley Driver but it’s countered and Black gets Dream with a knee to the face.

Velveteen does a modified DDT that looked insane. Spiked to fuck. 2 count. Velveteen goes for the Purple Rainmaker but gets a boot to the face. Gets caught in the ropes out of it. Takes a boot, then gets a super kick off, followed by a knee to the face. Velveteen bounces off the ropes and then Black gets a Black Mass for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Aleister Black

That match was awesome. Possible match of the night right there. Black gets on the mic after the match and says “Enjoy Infamy Velveteen Dream”. Acknowledging his name. Nice touch. Shows what a war he put him through. That match made Patrick Clark.


We see Asuka, Finn Bálor and Funaki in the crowd. Clearly Funaki is the big story here.


NXT Women’s Championship: Ember Moon vs. Kairi Sane vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce

This is the most split one we have. Myself and Fitz are booking heel and are going for Peyton Royce. Gordo is going for Ember Moon and Steve M is going for Kairi Sane. Poor Nikki Cross. No love for her. She’s totally winning so.

Regal is in the ring with the belt. Back to the first ring this time. Kairi Sane has new music. I preferred the old one to be honest. Still piratey but not as good. Peyton got quite a reaction. Billie doesn’t go down with her. Strange. It’s no DQ. Make the most of this girls. We’re in Texas. Ember is from Texas. She’ll be over here. She also has blue contacts in Seems to be her Takeover contacts.

We’ve only got 1 proper heel here since Nikki is basically tweening. Weird having a multi-person match with a majority of faces. It’s a weird dynamic. A lot of action on the outside early on with some dives and a powerbomb from Ember to Nikki on the floor. Dueling chants for Ember and Kairi. Kairi gets some much impressive offense in for someone so small. It all looks like it hurts. The 2 sweet chants after a 2 count are still pissing me off. Never liked them. Really nice spot with Peyton giving a double superplex from the top rope to Ember and Kairi. Nikki then takes them all out with a crossbody.

Kairi almost doesn’t break up a pin from Peyton on Nikki in time. The crowd ain’t too happy there. They thought that was it. Kairi then hits an Insane Elbow on both of them. Count is broken up by Ember. Ember then hits a double Eclipse on Nikki and Peyton and gets the pin on Nikki for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW NXT Women’s Champ – Ember Moon

Regal gets in the ring to present the title but Asuka comes into the ring and present the title instead. Nice moment there with Asuka and Ember embracing and even though she didn’t lose the title to her, Asuka still presented Ember with the title.

Gordo got this one right. I really thought they would go heel. A face chasing the title is a better story but it’s really nice to see Ember get the win. She does deserve it. She’s great. This also means that we all tie for this show since we all have the same picks for the last 2 matches. A 4-way tie. Our Survivor Series predictions are a bit more varied, there will be more if a challenge there.


We get a shot of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in the crowd. Owens is wearing an Undisputed Era t-shirt. ROH guys all sticking together.


NXT Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

Despite what was said on the podcast, we’re all now on the same page that Drew is winning this one. He hasn’t done much with his title reign yet so he has a lot more to do.

Drew comes out in a kilt. Only a real man can wear a skirt and Drew is as real a fucking man as you will ever see. We’re back in the 2nd ring for this one. The 2 rings really haven’t taken away from the show at all so far. They have masked it really well.

I was checking Twitter at the start of this match so have no idea what was happening. I  looked back just in time to see Vega try to get involved with a hurricanrana but Drew counters it and throws her back on the apron. Really nice spot there. Dueling crowd chant of Let’s go Almas, Let’s go Drew. Drew throwing Almas around the ring. Gets him with the Celtic Cross for a 2 count. We get a 3MB chant. Tornado Inverted DDT from the top rope by Almas to Drew.

Drew goes for an Electric Chair Drop, countered into an attempted hurricanrana, which is then countered into a reverse Alabama Slam. Drew gets driven into the ring post and then Almas gets a Moonsault to the outside onto Drew for a 2 count. Almas catches Drew in a Tree of Woe, gives him the Double Stomp ala Del Rio and then the Double Knees in the corner. Gets a 2 count out of it. Drew gives Almas a Deadlift Powerbomb. Insane strength from Drew.

After some kicks, punches and forearms, Drew gets a Futureshock DDT for a 2 count. Drew goes for a Celtic Cross from the top rope but it gets countered and Almas gets a Double Knees to the back in the corner for a 2 count. Almas goes to the outside and gets the title. This distracts the ref which gives Zelina the chance to get a Basement Hurricanrana on Drew. Almas gets back in the ring and gets the Double Underhook DDT. Long 2 count.

Drew hits the Claymore but Zelina gets Almas’s foot on the rope to break up the count. That was 2 false finishes in a row that completely had me fooled. Drew goes for a 2nd Claymore but gets caught on the top rope. Out of this, Almas gets a DDT on Drew from the top rope right on the top of his head and gets a 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW NXT Champion – Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

Holy shit, I did not see that one coming. I really thought they would keep the title on Drew for a good while. Maybe he’s being called up? Maybe he will be the third 2 time champ in the return match Drew is sitting with the doctor in the ring. Might be an injury here. I really hope not. Almas stands on the announce desk holding up the title. Fantastic match there. They had me a couple of times.


The cage is coming down. There’s no roof on the cage. They have made a lot of changes to WarGames for the WWE version. It’s a 3 on 3 on 3 match instead of a 4 on 4. It’s pinfall and submission instead of just submission. There are Shark cages (gotta sell those shark cages) and there is no roof on the cage. Because of the last point, they have added the rule that if anyone leaves the cage, they forfeit the match but still, just put a roof on the fucking thing.

Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson are shown ringside in the crowd. Some link to Dusty there at least.

WarGames: Authors of Pain/Roderick Strong vs SAnitY vs The Undisputed Era

And we’re all on the same page for the main event too. The Undisputed Era is coming away with this one. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Also I’m running out of Whiskey. This fact is starting to concern me.

SAnitY are out first and Eric Young is starting the match. The other 2 go into the shark cage. Undisputed Era are out next and Adam Cole is starting out for them. Cole goes into the other ring that Young isn’t in. Roddy Strong is in full AoP gear. Team cohesion and all that. For now anyway. Strong starts out the match for his team.

Strong and Young team up for a bit and take on Cole. Doesn’t last long and ends up being a free for all. The switch from ring to ring a couple of times. Cole takes control for most of the first period. Strong gets a chopping an lariat spree going before the claxon goes off and we get our next entries into the match which is….

The Undisputed Era

Fish and O’Reilly come down to the ring and take over. They dominate Strong and Young for the next 3 minutes. Whole load of kicks from them all. After all the domination, the 3 minutes are up, the claxon goes and next into the match are….

The Authors of Pain

Undisputed Era tries to keep them out of the cage but it doesn’t last long. AoP don’t take long to destroy all the other guys. They throw people from one ring to the other and then throw Strong into the 4 other guys from the other ring too. Death Valley Drivers into the corners on the 4 other guys too. The final countdown comes on, the claxon goes and the rest of SAnitY enter the ring.

The match has officially started now. Alexander Wolfe takes a nightstick out of his sleeve and goes to town on people. Dain grabs a chair, a kendo stick, a chain and a garbage can from under the ring and throws them in the ring. The crowd chant for tables. Dain obliges and throws on of them in too. Adds a 2nd one for good measure. All the weapons are being used now. O’Reilly hits a chair off the rope into his own face, then gets slammed on a trash can.

Dain is finally in the ring and has tied the door closed with a chain, locked it and swallowed the key. Dain gets a dropkick and a Senton on the 2 member of AoP at the same time. He then does a crossbody from the top rope onto everyone. Cole has a kendo stick, it’s not very effective. Fish helps out Cole but ends up getting landed on with a Michinoku Driver from Dain to Cole. Dain then get a Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam onto Strong and O’Reilly. Dain is fucking killing it right now. Rezar and Dain have a bit of back and forth before Akam finally takes down Dain with a powerslam. Undisputed Era gets the upper hand hitting Strong with Chasing the Dragon.

O’Reilly gets the chain and starts using it on Wolfe. Trying to get Armagedon with the chain as leverage. Young breaks it up from the top rope. Fish then gets a moonsault on Young. This match is nuts. I really can’t type everything that’s happening. There’s just too much stuff going on. AoP hit a SuperCollider on Fish and O’Reilly from both rings with Dain in the middle. Dain is bloodied up. Hits a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Strong gets backbreakers on everybody and an Olympic Slam on Dain.

8 of the 9 guys are involved in double superplex/powerbombs. Adam Cole is left sitting on the top rope in between the 2 rings after it. AoP crotch him and go to set up both tables. Cole gets away while they try to superplex him and climbs to the top of the cage. Wolfe gets a German Suplex from the top rope on one of AoP through the tables. Cole is still on the top of the cage. He has shimmied all the way to the corner now.

Dain sets up O’Reilly for a Coast to Coast and connects with it. It wasn’t the full way across the ring but still Holy Shit. For a big man, that was crazy. Adam Cole is now standing at the top of the cage looking down at Roddy. Was about to dive and then changes his mind and tries to escape. Roddy climbs up to meet him. The crowd chant “Please don’t die”. Roddy Superplexes Cole from the top of the cage onto the rest of the guys. Roddy covers Cole but Cole kicks out at 2.

AoP hit the last chapter on Dain inbetween the 2 rings. O’Reilly and Fish get Total Annihilation on one of AoP. Wolfe is bleeding like fuck. He gets taken out by Strong. Cole then  takes out Strong and gets Eric Young with a Kendo stick. He then hits a Shining Wizard with a chair onto Young and get the 1,2,3.

Winners by Pinfall – Undisputed Era

That match was insane. I’m sure I’ve missed tonnes and got some stuff wrong but it’s impossible to track all of that mayhem. No Roddy heel turn. Surprised at that. But great use of WarGames and the change in rules didn’t hamper it in any way. Right winners. Fantastic match. Well done NXT. You have done it again. Try to beat that Survivor Series.

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