NXT Recap 15.11.17

NXT 15 11 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. Go home show for NXT Takeover War Games this Saturday. McIntyre and Almas are gonna be in the ring face to face tonight in preparation for Saturday. We are also getting Ember Moon vs Mercedes Martinez.


Street Profits vs Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Montez Ford still oozes charisma. Angelo Dawkins just seems to be following along. Sabbatelli & Moss need a tag team name. Tino’s surname is too long to keep typing. Stupid dark ring lighting again too. This feud is about selfies. Percy can’t understand Nigel on commentary. Ah c’mon, his accent isn’t that strong. Dawkins gets the win out of nowhere after a punch to Tino. The ref even counted weirdly. Seemed really odd.

Winners by Pinfall – Street Profits

We get a Stranger Things style promo about the feud between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream. This feud has been amazing. Really looking forward to this match at Takeover.


Lars Sullivan vs Raul Mendoza

Mendoza has basically been used as a glorified jobber since the CWC. I expect nothing more here. Mendoza tries some offense. Doesn’t go well for him. Lars wins with the Freak Accident.

Winner by Pinfall – Lars Sullivan

Lars tries to continue the attack after the match but Ohno comes out to make the save. Ohno is wearing his boots and kneepads over his jeans for some reason. They face off. Lars just laughs at Ohno and then leaves the ring.


Johnny Gargano pops into Regal’s office in the back. He says he still belongs. Regal tells him that Pete Dunne has issued an open challenge for the UK Title and he would be perfect for it. We will have that match next week on NXT. Yes, they are showing it. It was announced as just a dark match for Takeover and that’s a match that I really wanted to see. Other people must have felt the same. Enough for them to record it and air it next week. Giving people what they want? What is this?


We get a Promo for the War Games match and showing when Roddy almost joined The Undisputed Era. Foreshadowing? Good promo package though.

Ember Moon vs Mercedes Martinez

Some stiff looking forearms, kicks and chops in this one from both sides. Awesome looking suicide dive by Ember between the middle and bottom rope. Martinez hits a running Tower of London. Ember eventually picks up the win with the Eclipse. Nice match that.

Winner by Pinfall – Ember Moon

After the match, Nikki Cross’s music hits and she makes her way out through the crowd. Peyton then comes out too and makes her way down the ramp. Kairi Sane comes out on the stage and we have the 4 competitors for the match on Saturday looking around at each other.


We get confirmation of the UK Title match next week and also that we’re getting Sonya Deville vs Ruby Riot next week too. So basically the other matches that will be taped on Saturday before Takeover.


Drew McIntyre / Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas Faceoff

Drew says that Zelina’s plan worked and Almas has his title match at WarGames. He says the pressure is on now for Andrade and he doesn’t think he can handle it. Drew tells Zelina to stop talking about mountains because he is the mountain. Drew asks Almas to come face him like a man unless Zelina won’t let him off the lease for the night.

Almas’s music hits and Zelina comes out on the ramp. Almas follows after a bit and makes a beeline for the ring. The 2 brawl a little and then Zelina attempts a Crossbody on Drew from the top rope. Drew catches her but the distraction allows Almas to get the upper hand taking out Drew’s knee and getting him with the Hammerlock DDT. Zelina holds up the title as we go off the air.

Nice setup for Saturday. Giving Andrade the upper hand before he likely loses at Takeover. Looking forward to Saturday now. I’m really interested in seeing how they pull off this Triple Threat WarGames match.

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