Smackdown Live Recap Nov 14th

Smackdown Live November 14th

Well that was a weird start to Smackdown Live! We had a backstage segment with Shane McMahon having a bit of a pep-rally with the roster of Team Blue! If you thought the Bayley – this is your life angle was good then you would enjoy this, otherwise you’ll agree it was fairly shit.

What’s better than one authority figure kicking off a show?

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring next to tell us how he bleeds Smackdown Live, all a bit meh! But both now, and with Shane a few minutes earlier, seem to point towards a RAW invasion later on in the show. Way to give away what’s about to happen!

He welcomes AJ Styles to the ring and offers to be his personal advocate for tonight ala Paul Heyman style and he cuts one hell of a promo on Brock Lesnar! You could tell that this was the promo he had in the bank when he though he was going to get a shot at Lesnar himself.


Match 1 – Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara – United States Championship

That was a really entertaining match. Both guys got in their normal offense with Corbin looking strong but the biggest takeaway I took from that match was how comfortable Sin Cara looked in a championship match!

Winner: And Still United States Champion Baron Corbin (By Pinfall)



Shane and Daniel backstage saying how important cohesion is going forward!


Match 2 – Natalya vs Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Live Women’s Championship

Charlotte in a championship match in her home town? Surely that means she has to lose, right?

The pace to begin this fight is insane! Charlotte opening up a big ‘ol can of whoop-ass! But as we come back from a commercial break it’s Natalya who’s now in control of the fight!

Did you know you can’t lose a championship on a count out or disqualification? I wish this information would be communicated more frequently!

Charlotte back in charge of the bout and about to go for a moonsault from the barrier but Natalya blocked and drove Charlotte into the ring-post and dropped her hard on the outside! After this the champ rolls Charlotte into the ring and locks her into a devastating sharp-shooter! On the second attempt Charlotte finally gets to the bottom rope to break the submission!

After a fall to the outside, Natalya comes back into the ring only to be caught by a big boot followed up with a figure-8 leg-lock!

Natalya Taps!!!

Winner: And NEW Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (By Submission)

After that amazing match, Charlotte cuts a lovely promo paying tribute to her Dad, The Naitch!

Oh Wow! The Nature Boy is actually here! Lovely moment!


Match 3 – Chad Gable vs Jimmy Uso

Usos cut an epic promo on The Bar and the rest of the tag division. These two have been killing for quite a while now.

In the match itself, it’s as you would expect, some fantastic technical stuff except from when Gable tried to throw Uso out of the ring but fuck it up and Jimmy slaps off the ropes. Remember when that happened to Enzo? Yeah, like that.

After a distraction caused by Gable pushing Jay, Jimmy hits a beautiful Superkick on Gable!

Winner: Jimmy Uso (By Pinfall)


The Super Best Friends of Wrestling

Sami not happy that they’re not apart of Survivor Series and Kevin Owens continues to blame Shane!


Match 4 – The New Day vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Did you know that RAW and Smackdown Live only go head-to-head against each other at Survivor Series? Another thing I wish they told this information more frequently.

Match was progressing nicely, with both teams minding their own business when all of a sudden… Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta…


The totally surprising RAW invasion that no one saw coming finally happened tonight! How could we not have seen this coming?

Anyway, Shield are the first ones out as the come and surround the ring with New Day, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn between the ropes. But as the Shield are about to pounce, the super best friends of wrestling exit stage left! (Can’t really blame them, whey defend a show that doesn’t want you on their team!? Silly Shane McMahon!)

Shield beat down on the New Day until The Usos come out. We get a moment of conflict as the face off against Roman Reigns but neither can attack so Ambrose & Rollins jump the Day-One boys!

Next we have the RAW women’s division backstage jumping the Smackdown Live female talent with poor Charlotte taking a wicked hit from Alexa Bliss!

Here comes the Mon… Not Money, it’s Kurt. Here comes the Sexy Kurt!

Back in the ring now as the rest of RAW and the remainder of the Smackdown Live roster collide with Team Red dominating!

Finally we have Shane alone in the ring with the Shield and Angle. I nearly felt bad for Shane but, in truth, he brought it on himself! A triple-powerbomb either side of an Angle-Slam put a hurting on Shane-0-Mac!

Smackdown Live goes off the air with Team Raw on the stage and their theme music ringing loud!

Great show!

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