OTT Vendetta Recap

OTT Vendetta Nov 4th

We kick off OTT Vendetta in traditional fashion as the Andy Kaufman of Irish wrestling Aonghus McAnally welcomes us all to the Tivoli theatre for the last time this year! (no more queuing till January!). Unfortunately Travis Banks (Passport issue) and Chris Brookes (Injury) unable to appear. Shame, both those guys are quality, hope they come back soon!

But as these guys are scheduled into matches already the card will have to be changed than what was advertised!

The opening bout of the night is the match that Brookes should have been part of, the triple threat with him, El Ligero & Fabulous Nicky. So as both the other guys come to the ring we get our first surprise of the night! One of Irish Wrestling rising stars; LJ Cleary! Apparently he is the dad of one of the OTT crowd and he’s wearing a wig! Allegedly.

Match 1: Fabulous Nicky vs El Ligero vs LJ Cleary – Triple Threat Elimination Match

The match starts with poor LJ Cleary eating a couple of superkicks from Nicky & Ligero and being eliminated by Nicky within 10 seconds!

Down to a 1-on-1 between the Fabulous one & the hardest working man on the British Isles El Ligero! Some nice spots in this match including both guys (and Foxy) down after multiple low-blows! You could almost call it a Low-Blows Party!

As Ligero drives from the outside looking for a cutter he gets caught with a fabulous superkick by Nicky that allows the gorgeous one to get the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Fabulous Nicky by pinfall.


Match 2: The Session Moth Martina vs Lana Austin – OTT Women’s Championship Match

I already love Lana, she comes to the ring with the Vengaboys as here theme! Welcome back anytime!

Do your job Foxy! Foxy refuses to properly pat down the competitors in case they are hiding any ‘foreign objects’. To be fair, you’d never know what Martina’s hiding.

After a couple of roll-up near falls it looks as though Lana is now the ref and Martina & Foxy in a match!? Only in OTT! Foxy is well able to take some bumps including a face full of turnbuckle before a grinding bronco buster from Martina!

Finally we get back to the original match. Lana gets Martina into a single-leg-crab hold and the only thing that can save Martina is the can of Polish beer in the corner! Thankfully for the champ she does make it!

OTT Vendetta Martina


It’s Mr. Durexo!

The most devastating move in all of professional wrestling, but Lana blocks! But Martina catches Lana with a Sesh-Breaker (out of nowhere!) and follows it up with a cross-face Durexo submission hold to get the win!

Winner – And Still OTT Women’s Champion: Session Moth Martina by submission!

After the match William J Humperdink comes to the ring and he has no love for Martina! He announces that on Dec 9th at the National Stadium we will have Martina defend her Women’s Championship against the returning Kay Lee Ray! That will be class!


Match 3: Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted vs Bobby George Jnr.

I don’t want to live in a world where Tony Idol does not exist!

Bobby George Jnr has been such an entertaining revelation since his debut earlier this year despite not being the most successful. On the otherside, Flex has gotten better and better in the ring and is very capable of holding a match on his own now. Can see him in the main even picture soon enough.

The match itself is good, with some strong-style from Flex and hilarious comedy spots from Bobby George Jnr (and Tony Idol!)

Looks like Bobby George is going to pick up the win as he is about to hit the Double-Top Elbow Drop (from the middle rope) but misses (Bounces out!) Flex then hits a diving neckbreaker before a lovely Spring board slingblade to pick up the win!

Winner: Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted by pinfall.

Once again we have William J Humperdink comes to the ring to address Bobby George and his poor record in OTT! He’s giving Bobby George Jnr one final match, at the National Stadium on December 9th, against the Lord of the Manor Paul Tracey who makes his way to the oche, sorry, the ring!

As Bobby George offers his hand to wish his competitor well for next months being a quality sportman that he is but Tracey takes this opportunity to hit Bobby George with a cheap shop low blow before laying a whooping on both Bobby George Jnr and the poor defenseless Tony Idol! Despicable behaviour from the leader of the Social Elite!

Lets hope Bobby George Jnr can get the win in December to save his OTT career!

OTT Vendetta Tony Idol Bobby George


Match 4 – The Kings of the North vs Angel Cruzers & Joey Janela – Hardcode Match for the OTT Tag-Team Championships!

This is going to be insane!

In typical OTT 6-Man tag matches, the action starts thick and fast and spreads all around the ring! Someone might legit die in this match! Within the first couple of mines we’ve had 3 huge dives to the outside. First Corvin had an awesome tope con hilo which clears everyone out except Angel Cruz who then takes his turn hitting a moonsault from the top corner!

Next it is the turn of Duncan Disorderly! He also hits a moonsault off the top! – Sucks to be in the first few rows by the entrance, all moved up by the entrance!

B-Cool sets up a chair in the ring and sets up Bonesaw for a Brainbuster off the top but Bonesaw reverses and superplex’s B-Cool over the turnbuckle and into the rest of the guys on the outside.

Team Prick now get involved and attack Bonesaw and Corvin, needless to say that didn’t work out too well for them as they take a double big-boot from Corvin followed up by a splash from Duncan! Now the action sprawls out into the arena with Janela & Corvin up by the merch stand and B-Cool & Bonesaw out near smoking area. Angel and Duncan still in the ring!

Things get a bit weird now as B-Cool & Angel attack Bonesaw & Duncan with waxing strips!? Yes, you read that correctly, waxing strips!!

Corbin back with Janela after getting a Guitar from under the ring!? AA into the corner, doesn’t break, another in the middle of the ring onto the guitar! Looked painful!

Janela sets up Convin for a swanton onto a chair in the middle of the ring, corvin moves and Janela smashes into the chair! Pierces the apron!

Bonesaw does his best Negan impression with a leather jacket, red do-rag and baseball bat! Now Janela’s turn.. But Angels tells him to wait, goes to the outside and gets another bat and sets it on fire! Kinda.

After another brawl Janela sets up a massive sheet of thick plywood on the outside before coming back into the ring and getting attacked by the kings! Corvin gets a bag from under the ring, it’s thumb tacks! Someone’s about to get fucked up! Oh Shit, Damien Corvin just took the tack bump off the top rope! He’s a bloody mess!

OTT Vendetta Corvin

B-Cool sets up Bonesaw on the plyboard but Bonesaw gets up and BOOM! Powerbombs B-Cool through the plyboard and onto the floor outside! Bah-Gawd almighty!

Oh shit, now Bonesaw is setting up Angel Cruz on the table outside and Duncan Disorderly is up on the top rope… I AM THE TABLE!! Duncan hits the splash off the top rope onto Angel who’s spread out on the table but it doesn’t break!! Looked painful!

Bonesaw rolls Angel into the ring where Corvin gets the three count!

Winners: The Kings of the North by pinfall.

That. Was. Awesome!


Match 5: Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson vs Nathan Martin & Curtis Murray!

Gibson announces that there’s a rapture coming to OTT! Guess that’s the faction name for himself, Sterling & Sha Samuels.

Charlie Sterling looking like a shit British Bulldog in this match with some strange looking tights!

Gotta say, Murray & Martin are really impressing me! Not only have they the high flying ability that you’d expect with young stars but they also know how to work a match very well.

Gibson continues to be a heat-magnet! To this day, I’ve never seen anyone garnish as much heat in any promotion I have seen quite like how Zack Gibson gets it from the Tivoli crowd!

Murray hits Sterling with a Belfast Destroyer! Unreal!

But ultimately the Rapture picks up with win with a code breaker to Martin following a diving clothesline off to top to Murray!

Winners: The Rapture by pinfall.


Match 6: Scotty Davis vs ???

This match was announced before the show that should Scotty Davis win at OTT Vendetta, then he would get a match at ‘Being The Elite’ show in December. He was not told in advance who his opponent would be so we were all fairly surprised to see the return of former NLW Heavy weight champ Ryan Smile. Fuckim!

Scotty Davis, the supreme suplex machine and master of the gator roll!

This match starts off with reversal after reversal until finally Scotty tosses Smile outside the ring and hitting him with two tope suicidas!

For all the abuse I give Ryan Smile, and I do give him abuse, he’s an amazing athlete and now that his character has turned I appreciate him even more! He has the the potential and the skill to make it big in the business but final part of the puzzle in y mind was his character. I just never ‘bought’ him as a babyface. This Ryan Smile has my support and by support I mean I will boo the cunt.

Scotty Davis however, that man is destined for greatness! Just turned 18 I believe but has more natural talent than a lot of the stars I’ve seen in OTT. Once he develops his character more to show a bit of personality then he will be main eventing!

This match is as good as you’d expect from these guys! High octane, high risk offense all over the place! Some amazing spots by Davis including a snap dragon suplex and a Frankenstenier from the top rope.  Smile

Once again Smile has to cheat to pick up the win! Pushes away Foxy while simultaneously swinging a leg back to hit Scotty Davis with a low blow and follows up with a curb-stomp! Cheating bastard!

Winner: Ryan Smile by pinfall

OTT Vendetta Ryan Smile

After the match Mark Haskins comes out to stand up to Smile after his cheating win! Haskins calls him out as a cunt! (Loved that!). He says that as he has no opponent tonight that he wants to give Smile his rematch tonight!


Match 7 – Mark Haskins vs Ryan Smile – NLW Championship Match!

Match starts and immediately Smile gets distracted by Scotty Davis on the outside which gives Haskins the chance to hit him with a HARD right boot on the apron and follows up with a falcon arrow and 1-2-3!

Winner – And Still NLW Heavyweight Champion: Mark Haskins by pinfall!

So that’s Ryan Smile out of the title picture for a while you would assume, plus he has that match awaiting with Will Ospreay when ever he can come back so he has plenty of options in OTT now.


Match 8 – Main Event! Jordan Devlin vs Matt Riddle – Winner to face Mark Haskins at Being The Elite!

Been looking forward to this one for so long!! The Import Killer vs the King of Bros!

This is strong-style at its best with neither guy holding anything back! It’s also a chop-fest! These guys are getting lit up! Both hitting German suplexes and both jumping straight back to their feet!

Riddle hits Devlin with dead-weight gut-wrench suplex, maintains his hold and rolls up and hits him with a second one before finally hitting him with a gut-wrench powerpomb followed up by a standing senton! Devlin Kicks Out!!

OTT Vendetta Devlin Riddle

After a small bit of resistence from Devlin, Riddle now hits him with a GTS followed by another dead-weight German suplex and still holds on to hit him with another one! Fuck, this is intense!

Bro jumps straight up after a brutal Canadian destroyer and immediately hits a vicious kick on Devin!

OH MY GOD!! He hit him with a DEVASTATING Canadian destroyer off the top rop! I literally cannot describe how awesome that move was! He follows up quickly and hits the one move no one has kicked out of yet, the patented Jordan Devlin Package Piledriver!

Winner: Jordan Devlin by pinfall!

After the match the Champ Mark Haskins comes out to the ring and the two go face-to-face and exchange a few works before a a very firm handshake! Next month, the National Stadium wont know what hit it!



Great show, genuinely one of my favourite OTT shows to date! Was a bit worried when Brookes & Banks had to pull out but once again, OTT will not let you down! Two genuine contenders for OTT MOTY with the Kings of the North v Angel Cruzers & Joey Janela and then that epic main event between Jordan Devlin & Matt Riddle! Worth paying the monthly fee for OTTonDemand on it’s own!

Lana Austin was a great hit with the crowd, would be welcome back anytime!

The Raputure (Gibson & Sterling) are heat magnets! Their match at Being The Elite against the Kings will be one hell of a duel!

What I loved most was the very impressive action put on by the young Irish talent! Scotty Davis, Nathan Martin & Curtis Murray are class! So much potential, can see big things in their future!


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