NXT Recap 01.11.17

NXT 01 11 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. I’m a little late this week. It’s been a busy week attending live shows so wasn’t able to get around to NXT until now but here we go. We open with they announcers telling us that McIntyre and Almas will be facing each other for the title at NXT Takeover Houston. This was all set up on Twitter. They are so progressive. We’re getting the contract signing tonight. We’ve got a Tag Team title match as our main event tonight between SAnitY and Authors of Pain.


Taynara Conti vs Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross gets her revenge here on young Taynara after she cost her her 1st chance to get into the Fatal 4 Way at Takeover. She got in anyway though so it’s grand. Swings and Roundabouts and all that. Pretty one sided match with Nikki picking up the win with a Spinning Fisherman’s Neckbreaker.

Winner by Pinfall – Nikki Cross


Paul Ellering is standing outside AoP’s locker room playing with his ring…… that would be his Hall of Fame ring, get your mind out of the gutter.

Backstage interview with Mercedes Martinez. Gets asked who she thinks will win the women’s title match at Takeover. She says she doesn’t know who will win but she knows Ember Moon won’t win. Setup of an auld quick feud there now.


Johnny Gargano vs Fabian Aichner

This should be a good one. I still don’t know how Aichner made weight for the CWC. He is way bigger than he was back then but can still do all the same stuff. It’s damn impressive. Strong and fast. If he can do promos well, he should have a good run in the WWE. He’s Italian though so god knows if Vince has some random beef with Italians.

Aichner goes sprinting into Garano’s Slingshot Spear, looked awesome. Fabian misses a Springboard Moonsault and then Gargano hits a Slingshot DDT for a 2 count. Aichner Powerbombs the fuck out of Gargano. Aichner just flinging Gargano around then tries another Moonsault and gets caught with knees. Gargano goes for GargaNo Escape but Aichner counters and gets the win with a rollup.

Winner by Pinfall – Fabian Aichner

Really good match there and it’s nice to see Aichner get the win. He really could go places. He’s great.


Video package from Aleister Black who says that Velveteen Dream now has his attention. They will face off at NXT Takeover Houston.

We get an earlier today section where the Street Profits are trying to do a video with Tino Sabbatelli’s Maserati. Tino and Moss tell them to fuck off away from it basically. So they may still be going down the Cryme Time route with this. I thought I was wrong about that.


Contract Signing

As Drew makes his entrance, he gets attacked from behind by Almas. Almas then signs the contract for the match, Vega takes out some gum out of her mouth and they us the gim to stick the contract on Drew’s prone body.

Alright then, that was quick but did the job it needed to. It gives Drew a reason to give a shot about this match.


Earlier today again. Everything seems to have happened earlier today. The Iconic Duo are making fun of Kairi Sane. She comes up and scares them with her elbow. We are getting Kairi Sane vs Billie Kay next week.


NXT Tag Team Championship: SAnitY vs Authors of Pain

They say that SAnitY use Freebird rules to defend the titles but I’m pretty sure Dain hasn’t been involved in any of the title matches yet. And he’s not in this one either. Bit of back and forth, Eric Young eventually gets a near fall with a Diving Elbow Drop. Another near fall with a Belly to Back Suplex/Neckbreaker. AoP then take over and we get a Super Collider followed by a Last Chapter.

Before the ref counts 3, The Undisputed Era rush the ring, break it up and start beating on all the guys in the match. Killian Dain comes out and tries to make the save but gets thrown into the ring post for his troubles. The 3 members of Undisputed Era stand tall as Roderick Strong makes his way down to the ring. He still has the arm band with him and puts it on. They try to get him to attack one of the AoP but he attacks Undisputed Era instead. Roddy and AoP then chase the 3 lads away and Roddy throws back the arm band

Match Ends in a No Contest

SAnitY are on the entrance ramp, Undisputed Era are in the crowd, AoP and Strong are in the ring. William Regal comes out and announces that we will get a triple threat match between the 3 groups at NXT Takeover Houston and it will be a War Games match. It’s been a month since we actually knew about War Games. This taping was ages ago. They really dragged this one out. Still though, at least it makes sense now. Really looking forward to that match now. They also announced the further rules this week.

Shark cages. More shark cages. They really want to sell those playsets. Shark cages for everyone.

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