NXT Recap 18.10.17

NXT 18 10 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. Our main event tonight is The Undisputed Era vs SAnitY. A couple of months of buildup on that one so should be good.


Takeover Qualifying Match – Sonya Deville vs Ember Moon vs Ruby Riot

Winner here will join Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce in the Fatal Fourway at Takeover for the NXT Women’s Title. Once more spot still up for grabs after this also. Bullet Club t-shirts everywhere in the crowd. Ruby’s face is a lot less weird since she’s started wearing her hair down. Fitz thinks it’s a shame that Sonya Deville is a lesbian.

Anyway there’s a match happening. It’s grand. I was expecting it to be a bit better with these 3. Just as I type that, Ember goes for a springboard move and gets taken out ta fuck with a Spear by Deville. Sonya jumps off the apron at Moon and gets stopped midair with a Dropkick. Riot then comes off the top rope with a Crossbody to the outside on the other 2. Deville gets a pretty bad looking Anklelock on Riot, she’s basically just holding her foot. While she has the Anklelock “locked in”, Ember comes off the top rope and gets Deville with an Eclipse. God I love that move. Deville rolls out of the ring (probably wasn’t supposed to) and Ember pins Riot for the win.

Winner by Pinfall and earning a spot in the Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way – Ember Moon


We see CCTV footage of The Undisputed Era meeting Roderick Strong and being quite cordial with them. Planting a few auld seeds there. Don’t make it too obvious that he’s gonna join them inside War Games.

Random backstage announcer number 63 is backstage taking to Regal asking him what the story is with the last spot in the title match at Takeover Houston. We’re getting a Battle Royal next week with all the rest of the women.


Raul Mendoza vs Aleister Black

Bells rings and The Velveteen Dream appears out of nowhere, steals Black’s vest and puts it on. This seems to distract Black for a little bit as Mendoza manages to get Black with a Diving Corkscrew Crossbody to the outside and then a Springboard Senton. This doesn’t last too long though and Black gets the win with Black Mass. Love that move too. Such a good kick. His Kickboxing background really shows with it.

Winner by Pinfall – Aleister Black

Black sits in the ring looking forward and not at Velveteen who walks off slowly. Just as he is going into the back, Black glances up at him for a moment. The Dream is starting to get his attention. Exciting stuff. This has actually been booked so well thus far. Velveteen getting more and more annoyed that Black won’t acknowledge him. So simple but so good.


Drew McIntyre Interview

Random backstage announcer is back again. I should probably learn her name soon. Drew bigs up that being NXT Champion was his dream for the last few years. Talks about how his first run didn’t go as planned. Talks about his release and how it was his wakeup call. I’ve heard this story a bunch but that’s cause I’ve listed to a bunch of podcasts he’s done. You start to hear the same stories over again. Nice to hear him tell it on NXT TV though.

Zelina Vega comes in, takes over the interview from random announcer person. Zelina says that Drew’s story reminds her of Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas as he was down and out and then she was his 2nd chance. Asks why he’s avoiding Andrade so far. Drew says he will fight anyone anywhere anytime. Drew tells her to bring Andrade with her next time, get him to look Drew in the eyes and tell him he wants a match himself


Kassius Ohno vs Cezar Bononi

I feel like they are waiting to pull the trigger on Ohno until he gets in a bit better shape. I was watching some old ROH stuff at the weekend and it is crazy how different he looks when in shape. Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen and he ends up getting released because of his weight. He has lost a decent amount so far. Ohno does win this one though with the Rolling Elbow. Death by Elbow. Who’s your Hero…… Kassius Ohno?

Winner by Pinfall – Kassius Ohno


We’re getting Johnny Gargano vs Fabian Aichner in 2 weeks. And the Women’s Battle Royal is a 16 person one according to Mauro


Undisputed Era (Cole, Fish, O’Reilly) vs SAnitY (Young, Dain, Wolfe) w/Nikki Cross

Wolfe starts out the match. He has been impressing more and more lately. Crowd are very quiet in general for this entire show for some reason. Also I just realised that the lighting is back to normal after it was way too dark for a few weeks. Undisputed Era work over Eric Young for quite a while, frequent tags. Big Damo gets the hot tag. Throwing people all over the place. He hits Samoan Drop Fallaway Slam Combo on Fish and O’Reilly. Followed up by some double team moves from the rest of SAnitY too.

With all the rest of his teammates taken out, all the guys of SAnitY stalk Adam Cole. They are about to attack him when the Authors of Pain’s music hits. They come out fresh of their latest book tour and attack and beat down SAnitY. Undisputed Era escape in the fracas and stand watching on at the top of the ramp. AoP hold the NXT Tag Team Titles in the air to close the show.

Winners by DQ – SAnitY

So they are starting to build to what has been heavily rumoured to be the War Games match at NXT Takeover Houston, Undisputed Era vs SAnitY vs AoP & Roddy Strong. Still not sure how they will add Roddy to AoP’s team but sure we’ll see over the coming weeks. That’s it for tonight. See you all next week for the Battle Royal.

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