NXT Recap 04.10.17

NXT 04 10 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. We’ve got an NXT Title match tonight between Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong for our main event.


Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riot & ???

So Ruby is on her own again this time to start off. I feel like I’ve seen this before. Am I watching a repeat? Not a repeat it turns out. They are just having the same match at the same part of the show as last time. Ruby does a really cool looking springboard reverse senton or something, looked good anyway. The Iconic Duo are keeping fresh and tagging in and out and poor Ruby is left out there all on her own.

Oh wait, here comes Nikki Cross again. So they are literally redoing the exact same thing they did last time. Did they forget that they did it a few weeks ago? Nikki is on the apron and puts out her hand for the tag. Tags in and starts beating on both the Aussies. After a bit of a beatdown, Ruby gets tagged back in, hits both the Aussies with a double missile dropkick and then gets Billie Kay with her Detonation Pele Kick finisher thing for the win.

Winners by Pinfall – Ruby Riot & Nikki Cross


Recap of the Lars Sullivan destruction from last week. We then get a Lars Sullivan interview with Random Backstage Announcer no. 43. Danny Burch has challenged him to match next week. He says his opponents should be afraid of his uncontrollable rage.

Zelina Vega is walking out back and some reporters acost her with questions. Gargano has been granted a rematch against Almas. She says that the breakup with Ciampa still haunts him and she knows how to use that. I don’t think they said when the rematch is. I wasn’t paying full attention.

We’re gonna get sANitY vs The Undisputed Era in 2 weeks.


Lio Rush vs Aleister Black

Lio Rush making his NXT debut here tonight. I’ve seen him live and he is crazy good for how long he has been wrestling for. While Aleister Black is making his entrance, the Velveteen Dream attacks Lio Rush and takes him out with the Purple Rainmaker. Black continues to stroll slowly to the ring. He enters the ring the same as he always does and sits in the ring not even looking at the Velveteen Dream. Velveteen is screaming at him to acknowledge him and say his name. Black continues to sit there and ignore him.

Sucks that we didn’t get to see Lio Rush and that match with Black would have been awesome but I love the way they are treating Black. They are getting him absolutely perfect.


Kairi Sane vs Aliyah

Kairi comes out to a massive pop from the crowd. Aliyah gets the jobber entrance. I wonder how this is going to go. So not a job match actually. Aliyah is getting a lot of offense in. And she’s come on a long way from the last time we’ve seen her. And it didn’t last too long. Spears, clotheslines and that gorgeous Elbow Drop for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Kairi Sane

We’re getting a qualifying match next week for one of the spots in the Women’s title match at Takeover Houston. It will be Nikki Cross vs Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan. Winner will join Kairi Sane in the match. 2 more participants to be added at a later stage. They also clarified that the Gargano / Almas match is next week too.


NXT Championship – Drew McIntyre vs Roderick Strong

Strong has a little bit of a new intro on his music. I like it. In ring introductions for a title match. I also like it. McIntyre really is a beast of a man compared to when he was in WWE back in the day. He just flings Strong across the ring like a ragdoll. Some tossling around on the outside. Strong drops Drew back first on the edge of the ring steps. Looked really painful.

Strong working on the back of Drew for the rest of the match after the nasty step bump. Smart tactics there. Drew is so agile for a guy his size, bouncing over the ropes, doing kip ups and doing all sorts of things. I love his inverted Alabama Slam too. Whole loads of kicks from both men. Strong gets a Angle Slam. Drew selling the back on every kickout he needs to do. Powerful as fuck Spinebuster by Drew. Superplex by Strong. Tiger Bomb by Strong. Near falls after all of these.

Headbutt by McIntyre knocks Strong loopy. Drew hits a Celtic Cross from the top rope. Roddy gets his foot on the bottom rope. Drew goes for a Claymore and gets hit by 3 knees from Strong. Strong gets the Sick Kick and we get another 2 count. Drew on the outside. Strong jumps on him and he catches him and throws him into the ring post. Drew rolls Strong back in the ring, hits him with the FutureShock DDT. Looks him in the eyes giving him respect and then hits a Claymore to finish him off.

Winner by Pinfall and STILL NXT Champion – Drew McIntyre

Drew shakes Strong’s hand after the match. Fantastic match and it doesn’t hurt Roddy in any way as he put on a great showing and was really close to winning on a number of occasions. The respect McIntyre gave him during and after the match put him over big time too as a big deal.

As Strong was leaving, the Undisputed Era came out on the stage and had a word with him. Strong looked confused by possibly interested. Another former ROH guy, hmmm, planting the seeds right there. They do need the extra man since they are doing a War Games match as was announced earlier today by HHH. McIntyre and sANitY vs The Undisputed Era & Roderick Strong in a War Games match maybe? I’d definitely be up for that.

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