Impact Wrestling Review – 28.09.2017

Johnny Impact & Eli Drake square off in the main event

Greetings loyal Impact Wrestling followers! We’ve finally reached Victory Road, the latest “Pay Per View” by Impact Wrestling – at least it used to be a PPV, but now it’s just a normal Thursday night show. In case you missed last week’s show, here’s a quick recap.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s kick off the action…


Petey Williams vs Trevor Lee (c) – X-Division Championship match

Lee brought Caleb Konley out with him, so that he could have someone to chat to on the way to the ring. The title belt has Global Force on it, so I won’t be surprised if the revert back to the old belt soon.

Flippy shit, counter, jump, flip, kick, dive for the first few minutes, with Petey controlling most of it. Lee grounds him with strikes and rest holds. Petey rallies and sets up for the Canadian Destroyer, but gets distracted by Konley.. He takes him out and hits the Destroyer, but Konley drags the ref out.

The ref goes to signal for the DQ, but Petey stops him. Konley slides the belt in. The ref is throwing Konley out so Lee nails Petey with the belt, but Petey kicks out at 2! Trading strikes back and forth, Petey goes for the Destroyer again, but Lee counters and hits his double stomp for the win!

Good opener, and 2 very talented guys. Lee lacks a character but has good ring work, and have been a Petey fan for over a decade now and he’s still incredible in the ring. Fingers crossed the rest of the show builds on this good start…

Winner (and STILL Champion): Trevor Lee


LAX promo video that I zoned out for, because 90% of them are the same.


Taryn Terrell, Taya Valkyrie & Sienna vs Allie, Rosemary & Gail Kim

Wrestling happens, and everyone is in and out of the ring frequently throughout the match. Taya and Sienna come off as the 2 big stars, and Gail gets beaten up for most of it. Allie gets the hot tag and is knocking down anyone that comes near her, until Sienna blindsides her and rolls her up (with feet on the ropes) for the win.

Solid match. Was short so felt like they were trying to cram a lot in, but everyone got a decent portion of the time in the ring. I think the mannerisms of Allie’s character hinder her ability to show how good she is in the ring though, which kinda sucks.

Winners: Taryn, Taya and Sienna


My boy Eli Drake is backstage with the gobshite that is Chris Adonis, and he cuts a promo to hype his title match later tonight.

Grado & Joe Park segment. I zoned out because these have been terrible.

McKenzie Mitchell sighting, and she interviews Johnny Impact on a zebra-print couch to hype the main event.

James Storm comes out to the ring. I wonder does he regret re-signing with TNA instead of signing for NXT. He’s tired of the AAA boys disrespecting him, and eventually Texano comes out. They brawl a bit, and Fantasma comes out to help Texano. EC3 makes the save, so guessing that’ll be a tag match.

Backstage segment with Storm, EC3 and Cornette, where Cornette makes the tag match for next week.

“Global Forged” episode 3 – they’ve picked their final 3 guys for their search to find Impact’s next star… riveting stuff altogether!


oVe vs LAX (c) – Tag Team Championship Match

Still not sold on oVe, but I prefer them to LAX. Hopefully they’ll put on a good showing here and convert me.

There’s a woman in the crowd with the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard shrieking “oVe” repeatedly. Seriously love, shut up!

LAX controlling most of this, so the first few minutes are painfully slow and drawn out. Jake Crist with a nice powerslam into the 2nd turnbuckle. They hit a superplex into a powerbomb, and they’re starting to win me over slightly.

LAX hit their step-up cannonball but can’t take advantage afterwards. Jake hangs Ortiz on the ropes, hits a pin kick to the face, and Dave follows with a nice armlock DDT to give us NEW Tag Team Champions!

Will gladly admit I might be wrong about oVe. They showed some nice flashes here, so another few matches like that and I’ll be on board.

Winners (and NEW champions): oVe


Lashley & MMA Super Friends video, and I almost dozed off….


Johnny Impact vs Eli Drake (c) – Global Championship Match

Drake controls the first minute of so, until Impact crotches him and hits a Flying Chuck to send him to the floor. Impact follows up with a few variations of Neckbreakers and kicks. He goes to hit a Shining Wizard but Adonis trips him, and that leads to Adonis getting sent to the back.

Eli goes to walk out too, but Johnny cuts him off. He uses his speed to dance around Eli for a bit, until he eats a forearm to the face and falls to the floor. Eli rams him back-first into the ring apron, and continues to keep him grounded.

Johnny fires up with a flurry of punches, and hits his breakdancing leg drop for a 2 count. He follows up with a Shining Wizard and Shooting Star Press for another 2. He perches Eli on the top rope and climbs up to hit a Spanish Fly, but that only gets a 2 as well.

We go to a break and just after we come back Eli lays Johnny out with Blunt Force Trauma. He goes for a clothesline, but takes out the ref. Johnny hits a Superkick, but the ref is sleeping. Adonis sneaks back out and throws the belt into the ring. Eli nails Johnny with it, but the ref only gets to 2 before Johnny kicks out.

Eli knocks out that ref too, and he and Adonis double team Johnny. He grabs the belt again, but accidentally hits Adonis. Johnny hits the Moonlight Drive, but Eli kicks out at 2 again. Johnny goes up top but Eli grabs the ref. He pushes the ref into the corner, and when his back is turned kicks Impact in the balls. He nails the Gravy Train, and retains the title!

Really good match here, but still think they could have put it on BFG and given it an extra 10 minutes and it would have been something special. These are 2 of the elite guys in the company though, and both deserve to be competing for the title.

Winner (and STILL champion): E… LI…. DRAKE!


We end the show with them continuing the beatdown, until Garza Jr comes out for the save for some reason. LAX come out and beat up Garza and Johnny. Konnan piefaces a “fan” in the front row, and LAX and officials argue outside the ring while Adonis locks a 3rd ref in the Adonis-lock (stupid name), and Eli poses with the belt as we go off the air.

Good show this week, and it definitely felt like it could have been a PPV level show. Really liked the main event and opener, the Knockouts match was grand, and the tag title match let me see a glimpse of what oVe could become. Overall it was worth a watch, and will be interesting to see where we go from here as we kick off the road to Bound For Glory…

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