NXT Recap 27.09.17

NXT 27 09 Recap

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. We have Adam Cole’s in ring debut this week against Eric Young.

We open with Regal telling us that we are getting a Fatal 4 Way match for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover Dallas. We’ll get qualifying matches over the next few weeks to see who will join Kairi Sane in the match.

SAnitY make their way to the ring through the crowd while the opening music is still playing. Eric Young gets on the mic and says the only thing that matters is chaos and tonight he will take Adam Cole to the edge of SAnitY. Nice catchphrase. Quick promo to start the show.


Lars Sullivan vs Oney Lorcan

Apparently Lars treats his foes like Pennywise treats kids. Promo with Oney before he walks out saying that he didn’t like the way Lars treated No Way Jose.

They still have the way too dark lighting. They really need to sort that out. Lorcan does a tope over the top rope and Lorcan catches him and drops him ribs first on the apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. Lorcan has one hell of an uppercut. Lorcan slaps the fuck out of Lars and no just screams at him and takes his head off with a clothesline. Hits him with a Side Spinebuster for the 1,2,3.

Winner by Pinfall – Lars Sullivan

That was awesome. So fast paced and non stop action. Total nonstop action if you will. No, I won’t. Lars goes to attack Lorcan again but Danny Burch comes down to make the save. Looks like we’ve got a new tag team. And a fantastic one at that.


Random backstage announcer number 42 is interviewing Ruby Riot asking what the craic is with Nikki Cross. She says that she is not her friend. She is going out there to handle her business tonight and Ruby better stay out of her way. They have little self made nametags above their space in the locker room. That’s kinda cool.

Heavy Machinery vs Jobbers

One of the jobbers is actually a former NFL player. I checked him up and he never played in a proper game. So a very much failed one so. Otis does a weird leg swinging before giving an elbow drop. Heavy Machinery win with their Squash All The People finisher. Standard job match really.

Winners by Pinfall – Heavy Machinery


Interview with Regal outside the performance center. Johnny Gargano wanders past and Regal tells him that he is getting his rematch with Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas in 2 weeks. Regal tells the cameras that he has something special planned for Takeover Houston. Colour me intrigued.

Random backstage announcer number 364 interviewing Roddy Strong backstage asking about the match with Drew. He says Drew won’t be able to knock him out, that he’s the guy that always keeps getting back up. He knows he’s indestructible and that Drew doesn’t have the tenacity to beat him. He’s coming at Drew with everything he has and nothing will stop him until he hears the words “And new NXT Champion Roderick Strong”. We get that title match next week.

Liv Morgan vs Vanessa Borne

Promo with Liv saying that she’s going do what she’s always done and will be next NXT Women’s Champion. Borne was probably the worst one in the Mae Young classic so I’m assuming Liv wins here. Borne is half Samoan so ya know, probably related to The Rock. Liv wins with Double Knees to the face after running the ropes a couple of times. Pretty much a running Codebreaker. The running didn’t really help much.

Winner by Pinfall – Liv Morgan

So this wasn’t a qualifying match. They didn’t really specify that beforehand but it apparently buts Liv in good standing to be considered for the match.


We get a recap of the Velveteen Dream / Aleister Black segment from last week. We then catch up with Black in the PC. He says that the Velveteen Dream is just a child throwing a tantrum looking for attention and he won’t give Patrick the attention he wants. Nice promo from Black. I also like that he called him Patrick and not the ridiculous name that he is trying to call himself.

Fabian Aichner vs Kassius Ohno

Aichner is way bigger than he was in the CWC. He has bulked way up. I’ve seen both of these guys live in OTT and this one should be really good. A lot of strikes and some flippy shit from both guys. Always impressive seeing big men do flippy shit.

Aichner jumps straight up to top rope and springboards off it to the outside hitting a crossbody. Aichner is showing off some crazy strong moves here on Ohno. He goes for the double springboard moonsault but misses. This really is a showcase match for Aichner in his NXT debut. Ohno picks up the win with a Discus Big Boot to the face. Great showing for Aichner though.

Winner by Pinfall – Kassius Ohno


Interview with Drew McIntyre about his title match next week. He says that if anyone wants a title match, all they have to do is ask. And Roddy stepped up. He says Roddy would be champion if he didn’t live in Drew McIntyre’s time.

We get a recap of Kairi Sane winning the Mae Young Classic. That was a great tournament. Watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.


Adam Cole (BAY-BAY) vs Eric Young

Adam Cole makes in in ring debut. Cole comes out with reDRagon. Cole gets on the mic and asks how NXT survived without them. Says that The Undisputed Era is here. Eric Young has all his sANitY brethren with him. Whole load of people at ringside.

Young gets distracted by the guys and ringside and Cole capitalises. Gets a roundhouse kick on Young and Young faceplants the ring apron Ric Flair style. That’s the hardest part of the ring you know. Young on the top rope and O’Reilly and Fish get up to distract him. The rest of sANitY drag them down and Young dives on everyone on the outside. Young gets back in the ring and Cole hits him with a Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Adam Cole BAY-BAY

Cole picks up his first win in NXT. Alright match, nothing too special. But this seems to be building up towards a multi-man match at Takeover Houston. Which should be very good.

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