One Man, No Notion – Gameweek 3. Oh Say Can You Knee?


Another week in the NFL world and what a week for a man who knows very little about the sports side of it. Luckily all the news had nothing to do with the actual football. All joking aside, sadly all the attention on the NFL this weekend was Taking A Knee Protest. Essentially some players have decided to kneel during the national anthem before their games in protest of police brutality initially started by Colin Kaepernick who is now a free agent but staged his first protest last season while playing for the 49ers. From the outside looking in (which might be a better angle) it’s blown out of all proportion. In my point of view no one is disrespecting the anthem, flag or America.

Getting back to my football education I’m still using Madden 18 as my primary tool. I’ve completed the Longshot story mode. For a complete novice it taught me things like identifying defensive set up as a Quarterback and where the weaknesses might be. Also, how calls are structured and some more basics that have helped me enjoy watching the games.

I’ve also started a franchise mode as a quarterback for the LA Chargers. That’s who my player got drafted to in story mode. All I know at this point is that having Keenan Allen in your team is like Liverpool having Sadio Mane. On Madden at least he makes the difference. Just wait for the safety to cover the wrong spot and he’ll get in behind to catch.

If nothing else Madden is helping me learn teams, players, positions and attributes that help each position.

Watching the Raiders

As the Raiders were playing at 1:30am Irish time I didn’t get to watch the game live. From what I saw of the game I’m glad I didn’t stay up for it. Within the first minute on the second down Derek Carr threw an intercepted ball, caught by Montae Nicholson, Washington’s rookie Free Receiver. The Redskins then worked their way up the field and got a converted touchdown leaving it 7-0.

After some sacks and poor throws from Carr, Washington were 14-0 through Vernon Davis at half time and in the third quarter Kirk Cousins (Redskins QB) threw 52 yds to Josh Doctson for the best play in the game leaving it 21-0. In a game where Carr made 110yds and only landed 14 of his 26 throws it was a pretty poor showing finishing up at 27-10 to the Redskins.

Around the NFL

One of the funniest moments was during the Steelers v Bears game. Marcus Cooper (after running about 60 yds and celebrating before he reached the red zone) started celebrating too early and got tackled and didn’t get the score.

You can see it here

The not so hilarious but unbelievable play was by Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers throwing to Geronimo Allison in overtime

This weekend I’m in Paris and the Raiders are playing the Broncos at 10:25pm French time. I will be live tweeting (hopefully) while eating cheese, drinking wine and surrendering to Marshawn Lynch, just in case.

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