NXT Recap 20.09.17

NXT 20 09

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. I have accepted the fact that I like the intro music now. Our main event tonight is Mustache Mountain vs reDRagon. An indie dream match right there. Bring it on.


Johnny Gargano vs Tino Sabbatelli

Riddick Moss couldn’t get the job done last week so it’s Tino Time this week. They are doing the super dark lighting again. It was fine on the Mae Young Classic but it doesn’t work for NXT. The black canvas combined with the dark lighting just makes it way too dark overall.

Sabbatelli gets a lot of offense in but Gargano managed to pull out the win with the Gargan No Escape. He still seemed all distracted. Poor Johnny, just can’t stop thinking about his mate. Either that or he left the immersion on at home and Candice is out.

Winner by Submission – Johnny Wrestling


Roderick Strong pops into Regal’s office and asks for a title shot. He gets it in 2 weeks. Ask and you shall receive. Drew and Roddy are good friends so they should be able to put on good show. Looking forward to that one.

We get a recap of Asuka’s goodbye speech. I will repeat this again. Don’t ruin her on Raw. Promo from Sonya Deville who says she never faced her because Asuka knew she would lose to her. Now she’s gone, the title is hers and something about hair.


Lacey Evans vs Bianca Belair

I HATE Lacey’s gimmick. She was great in the ring at the Mae Young Classic. The gimmick is terrible though. It just annoys me. They put her over as a Marine and then she does the 40’s pinup shite. It just doesn’t match. Belair has that hair. Should that be considered a weapon? There’s gotta be some legality there, right?

Match is a bit sloppy. You can tell they are both pretty green. Someone tries to start a “Let’s Go Lacey” chant but messes up the clapping Dana Brooke style. Someone else laughs. Crowd super invested in this one so. For someone that’s only been wrestling for a year, Belair ain’t too bad though. Seems to have picked it up pretty quick. The hair whips give her a bit of a character which is more than a lot of newer people have. Those whips are such a heat magnet and they give off a great sound. Belair picks up the win with an Alley-Oop (Remember Big Show used to do it) after a few hair whips.

Winner by Pinfall – Bianca Belair


Aleister Black Speaks

Black’s entrance is so fucking cool. See Ziggler, entrances can be cool and the wrestler can also be awesome as fuck. Until they mentioned it last week, I hadn’t realised that Black had never actually spoken on NXT TV. Maybe that’s because I have heard him talk in his pre WWE days and just hadn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Aleister says he has been on a journey for 15 years that led him here to NXT. He has put all the experiences on his skin as he wanted it all to be remembered, from the heart on his throat to the devil on his back (that back tattoo is pretty shite, not a fan of that one). Says he knows what he now needs to do in NXT.

Queue the Velveteen Dream wearing a belly top. Says Black walked through the darkness for 15 years only to be blinded by the light of the Velveteen Dream. He says he doesn’t see scars on Aleister, he sees a man who is hurt. It is scribbled on his skin like lies. Dream says that Black’s biggest problem is fear. He is afraid of the light. Velveteen knows that Black has a heart. It’s just in the wrong place.

Black kicks the mic out of Velveteen’s hand with a Black Mass and sits down. Velveteen gets down in Black’s face uncomfortably close and then slides backwards out of the ring. Black looks on without emotion.

That was quite an interesting segment. They were both great in it. Real clash of gimmicks here. Should make for a good story. Looking forward to what they do with them now. Black has star power oozing out of him. The Velveteen Dream needs an actual name. What was wrong with Patrick Clark? He can keep The Velveteen Dream as a nickname.


Backstage promo from Dakota Kai who makes a claim for the NXT women’s title. We have to be getting a Battle Royal here soon.


No Way Jose vs Lars Sullivan

Few weeks buildup on this one stemming from Takeover Brooklyn weekend when Lars took out Slim Chance Simon before the match could get started. Lars has new music. It suits him. Just a heavy riff with a basic offkey keyboard section. Suits the unstableness of his character. See Dean Ambrose, this is unstable. What you do is just goofy shit.

Match starts this time. Result is pretty much the same for the early parts of the match anyway. Lars beats the shit out of Poor Prospect Percy. Lars hits a diving headbutt, what? He finishes Hopeless Harry off with a Waist Lift Side Slam (still doesn’t have a name).

Winner by Pinfall – Lars Sullivan

They are really pushing Lars strong. And he has been pretty impressive. We needed a big guy just destroying shit. They have one on Raw, now we have one on NXT.


Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) w/ Adam Cole (BAY-BAY)

We get the first look at reDRagon’s new music. “Shock The System” is played at the start of it so I guess that is one of the names/catchphrases they are using. We get dueling Mustache Mountain/reDragon chants. So the fans in Full Sail don’t know what to call them either. At least I’m not on my own. reDRagon using some cheating tactics of course. Adam Cole (BAY-BAY) causing the distraction while Fish spears Seven into the barricade. Bate is crazy strong. It was a sight to behold to see him squat with 2 people on his back at OTT.

O’Reilly reverses the Tiger Driver 97 into a Guillotine. That was awesome. reDragon’ double team stuff is amazing. You can just tell they have been tagging for so long. Great chemistry there. Fish’s kicks are nuts. Adam Cole takes out Tyler Bate at ringside with a Superkick. reDragon then take out Seven with the Hi and Low (Leg Sweep and Flying Fish Hook). Fish gets the Pinfall on Seven. Fantastic match.

Winners by Pinfall – reDRagon

The former ROH guys stand tall in the ring when Drew McIntyre’s music hits. He walks down to the ring, dives in and they all scamper and stand in the crowd trading insults. And who appears from behind them only the 3 guys from SAnitY. The ROH guys turn around slowly and then get the shit beaten out of them. They eventually escape through the crowd. Drew and SAnitY stand tall as we go off air.

So it looks like they are building up to a Drew and SAnitY against the ROH guys feud. That makes 4 on 3 (5 on 3 if you want to count Nikki Cross) in favour of the good guys. Feuds don’t work that way so are we going to see more added to the ROH stable or will one of SAnitY get taken out? Either way, should make for an interesting feud. NXT is really starting to pick up again. NXT 2.0 is here.

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