I Can’t Believe It’s A Wrestling Show – GFW Impact Wrestling 07.09.17

GFW Impact

Written by Mark Gordon.

After a brief hiatus we’re ready to resume our regular weekly coverage of GFW Impact Wrestling. In the past two weeks we’ve seen Eli Drake crowned the new champion, and to be honest that’s all that matters really.

Match 1: Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee vs Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt

I love seeing Williams back in the ring. His match with AJ Styles and Chris Sabin at Final Resolution 2005 is one of my favourite matches ever.

Dutt tags in Petey after a minute or so. Lee gets a blind tag but Petey fights both guys off. Dutt comes back in and Petey helps him hit an assisted Asai DDT on Konley for a 2 count.

Williams back in, and him and Konley go back and forth. Dutt catches Konley for a DDT but runs and kicks off Lee to turn it into a nice Tornado DDT instead. He goes up top but Konley moves out of the way.

Konley with a spinning backfist, Superman Punch from Lee and back suplex from Konley into a pin, which is broken up by Petey. All 4 men in the ring, Petey nails the Canadian Destroyer on Konley, Dutt follows with a splash, and they get the win!

Good match to open it. Some nice spots from each guy, but Williams stole the show for me because I’m so happy to see him back in the ring

Winners by pinfall: Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt

Oh good, LAX are here!

Match 2: LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs Local 1 & Local 2

They said the names of the opponents on commentary, but I forgot them almost instantly. Ohio vs Everything are watching backstage, so guessing they’re the next feud for LAX. Quick match with LAX winning, nothing more to say really.

Winners by pinfall: LAX

OVE come out after it, cut a promo about how they’re brothers and the best tag team in the world, so they want a shot at LAX’s titles. Konnan thinks they’re called “Ovaries”… his hearing must be going in his old age. Looks like they’ll get their title shot in Tijuana next week.

Match 3: Taryn Terrell & Sienna (w/ KM) vs Allie (w/ Braxton Sutter) & Gail Kim

Gail controls the match early on, until Sienna uses her power advantage to counter and drops her across the ropes. She tags in Taryn, who gets a few cheap shots in and tags out.

Taryn back in and hits a nice flip neckbreaker on Gail. Gail counters a powerbomb from Sienna and tags Allie. Allie with a Codebreaker and some variation of Sliced Bread in the corner (not sure if that was a botch).

The two lads brawl to the back. Allie goes for a crossbody but Sienna rolls through and gets the pin!

Solid match, but nothing too exciting. Expect a bit more when they have 4 wrestlers of this talent, to be honest, but suppose it keeps the storyline going.

Winners by pinfall: Sienna & Taryn Terrell

The continue the beatdown after the match until Rosemary runs in to make the save. They gang up on her, but Taya Valkyrie comes out to make her debut. She squares up to Sienna, but turns and lays out Rosemary instead. The eventual match between her and Sienna should be pretty damn good!.

Out trots Jim Cornette. He hypes the talent and the level of competition, and mentions the main event title match. Jim says his money is on Sydal, and Johnny Impact interrupts him. He says he wants the winner of the title match. Corny seems happy enough with that idea (as am I), but LAX’s music hits.

Konnan says Low Ki should be getting a title shot and plays the “white privilege” card… seriously, I’m over the LAX thing, it’s boring and is even ruining Low Ki on me. LAX jump Johnny, but he fends them off. Security come down and eventually break them up.

Backstage segment with Cornette making Johnny vs Low Ki in a Number 1 Contender’s match for next week… I approve!

Back to the Grado and Laurel Van Ness love story. Apparently he finally found out she’s Canadian so can’t get his visa by marrying her, so he dumped her. Jaysus, they both deserve so much better than this storyline.

A series of video packages recapping the performances of Impact stars at AAA’s Triplemania. Amazing to see DJZ back after almost dying a few months ago. They talk about the Rosemary-Sexy Star incident, which I still find tough to watch.

Ooh apparently the Standby Wrestler they kept showing backstage (Richard Justice) finally had a match last week, and got battered by Kongo Kong. He still showed up for work again this week though, fair play to him

Match 4: Matt Sydal vs Eli Drake (c) (w/ Chris Adonis) – GFW Global Championship

The commentators hype GFW Amped Anthology Part 2, which is being released soon, even though it was taped two years ago. They list 5 or 6 stars that will be on it, and Adonis is the only one that hasn’t since joined WWE, most likely because he’s shit!

Sydal using his speed advantage early on. He comes off the 2nd rope but Drake catches him and drives him into the corner.

Drake with a beatdown on a grounded Sydal, and gets a few 2 counts himself. Sydal recovers and hits a low dropkick, followed by a headlock driver. Adonis with a distraction on the outside but he eats a dropkick. Drake drops Sydal with a beautiful pop-up powerslam into a back suplex as we go to a break.

We come back and Drake is continuing the beatdown. Sydal hits a jawbreaker, but Drake fires back with a powerslam and an elbow drop (complete with his trademark “E… LI…. DRAKE!” taunt to the crowd).

Drake nudges Sydal to the outside and goes out after him. He tries to drive him into the ringpost but Sydal counters it. Drake with a poke to the eye and throws Sydal back in.

Drake keeping Sydal grounded, he goes for a knee drop but Sydal moves and hits an overhead throw. More low licks, followed by a high knee and his perfect standing Moonsault for a 2 count.

Adonis slides the title in one side of the ring, then runs around and distracts the ref with a chair. Drake misses with the title  and eats another knee for a long 2 count.

Sydal goes up top for a Shooting Star Press, Adonis distracts the ref, Drake hits Sydal with the title and hits the Gravy Train (White Noise) for the win!

Really good match here, between 2 top quality wrestlers! Glad they gave this a good chunk of time so they could put on a good match.

Winner by pinfall (and STILL champion): E… LI….. DRAKE!

Pretty good show overall. The opener and main event were both good quality matches, but the other 2 dragged it down really. Also the gap between match 3 and match 4 was way too long, and am assuming would have driven a few people to switch off.

Will be interesting to see how oVe do against LAX next week, because they haven’t really impressed me from what I’ve seen of them so far, and am looking forward  to the Number 1 Contender’s match between Johnny Impact and Low Ki, especially since no matter who wins they should have a good match against Drake.


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