NXT Recap 30.08.17

NXT Recap Aug 30th

The NXT intro music is back.

Fuck. (it’s starting to grow on me)

We open on chaos as the cameras pan over SAnitY and a bunch of security guards laid out as Adam Cole and reDRagon walk off. Regal looks pissed about the whole matter.

Drew comes out to the ring all suited up with his newly won NXT Title. I hadn’t realised there were custom sideplates on the title until now.Since it was always Bobby holding the new one, it just looked like that was what it looked like. This is the first time there has been a change.

Drew says that this is his world now and anyone that wants to come at the champ can come down to the ring, look him in eye and ask for a fight. Out comes Roderick Strong. Says the only thing that matters to him is his family and the title. Says after he is done with Bobby Roode tonight that he is coming for the title. Drew says that is what he wanted, someone to step up like a man and that he hopes he is ready to get knocked out like a man.

Decent opening segment there. Roddy still needs work on the mic but he’ll be a good interim challenger while they build up Adam Cole (BAY-BAY).

Match 1: Ruby Riot vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

Ruby’s hair is down. Makes her look a lot better. Her face doesn’t look as weird. They are also using dimmed lighting in the arena. Are they that worried about all the Bullet Club t-shirts in the crowd?

Peyton getting a lot of offense in the early part of the match, Ruby makes her comeback, does her knees thingy in the corner but not as well as usual. A few false finishes from both sides which ends up with a Tope Suicida onto Peyton and Billie Kay. Peyton distracts the ref and Billie kicks the face off of Riot. Peyton picks up the win with a lovely Bridged Fisherman Suplex pin.

Winner by Pinfall – Peyton Royce


I’m glad they gave the Iconic Duo the win. They are the only heel females on the roster right now so they need a bit of a push.

Random interviewer no. 27 is asking Regal about the attacks earlier. They get interrupted by Kassius Ohno who says he is healthy and wants Hideo Itami. We will get the match next week and it will be no DQ.

Match 2: Heavy Machinery vs Jobbers

They said the jobber’s names but they weren’t written on screen so I’m not working out what they said. Sounded Frenchish. Otis is awesome, I love him. He just looks so ridiculous and he’s get a really unique style in the ring. Give me more Otis. Tucker, I can take or leave. They do have some nice double team moves though. Heavy Machinery win with the compactor.

Winners by Pinfall – Heavy Machinery


We get a recap of No Way Jose getting attacked by Lars Sullivan last week. Regal says that it will be Lars vs 3 opponents next week in a 3 on 1 handicap match.

Next week, we also have Cezar Bononi vs Andrade “Cien” Almas.


Match 3: Roderick Strong vs Bobby Roode

This may be Roode’s last NXT match and entrance. Totes emosh right here. We get a “Thank you Bobby” chant. Bobby has that main roster tan going on. Crowd are quite behind Roode here despite him being very much the bad guy in this feud.

All the backbreakers from Roddy, he really can hit them out of nowhere. The dimmed lighting is taking away a little from the show. Far enough, dim the crowd, but the ring looks darker too especially at the corners. Makes it look a little too Indie. They have the money for the WWE production values. Use it. More backbreakers by Strong. Roode is getting offense in here. It’s just not as impressive as Strongs.

Roode hits a Fireman’s Carry into a Stunner. Don’t think I’ve seen him to that before although I am quite tired right now. He might do it every night, who knows? Strong gets a superplex and a very close 2 fall. I was just thinking how it’s a little weird to see Roode wrestle in Full Sail. They have really made him a big deal and most of his matches feel like they were on Takeovers in Arenas.

Strong almost runs into ref and in the distraction, Roode hits a Glorious DDT but Strong gets a foot on bottom rope. Roode gets in Roddy’s face, says him and his family are a disgrace and slaps him. Strong fires back with a bunch of running knees to the face, hits him with a Strong Breaker, blows him a kiss, hits him with one more Strong Breaker and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner by Pinfall – Roderick Strong

I really enjoyed that match, Strong is fantastic in the ring. He just needs more work on the personality department. If he can get that down, there is no stopping him. But that is the harder part of most people.

Drew comes out on the ramp, points at Roddy and holds up the title. He promptly gets attacked from behind by Adam Cole (BAY-BAY) and reDRagon. They then run off and are chased down by Regal to close the show. I like this attacking everyone and everything angle. ROH invasion coming off well so far anyway……….BAY-BAY

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