WWE Smackdown Live Recap 29.08.17

Smackdown Live Aug 29th

Smackdown Live opens with the graphic for the main event; Orton & Nakamura v Mahal & Rusev. Looks like Teddy Long is back in charge of #SDLive

The show kicks off with the Singh Brothers and Hardbody Mahal. Jinder says usual racist stuff. Singh brothers apologise for failing him last week but before they get to complete the apology, Nakamura comes out. Fisty cuffs as 3 on 1. Orton comes out to save Nakamura, gets a loud pop. inexcusably. Then Rusev comes out and kicks Orton in the face, I liked that. Then Jinder hits the Khalas on Nakamura. Overall a completely unnecessary segment, thanks for wasting my time WWE.

Next week we will see Orton v Nakamura to become #1 Contender for WWE Title.


Match 1: The Ascension vs American Alpha 2.o

Ascension are being fed to American Alpha 2.0! But we don’t get to hear ‘Aint no Stopping Me!’ WTF WWE? However, it is great to see Benjamin back in a WWE ring. Nice solid match, straightforward and comfortable return for the Gold Standard!

Ooohh later on The Usos face The New Day in a non-title match with the winner deciding the stipulation for their Championship Rematch! I’m sure there is logic in there somewhere…?

Winner: American Alpha 2.0 by Pinfall


Match 2: US Title Open Challenge! Wonder will it be Glorious?! (It wont be)

Back Stage Segment with Baron Corbin, says he will cash in on the US Title Open Challenge tonight on Smackdown. Boooo!

AJ Styles comes to the ring, announces that tonight we will kick off the US Open Title challenge and asks for someone to come out… and… IT’S THE PERFECT 10! Tye Dillinger is alive! Thank the sweet baby Jebus! Oh fuck, immediately gets attacked from behind by Corbin but after a bit of back and forth the match ultimately ends up being Styles v Dillinger….which lasts about 2 minutes. Well that was a bit poo! Corbin comes back again but Styles lays him out, looks like that’s going to be the feud going forward. Meh.

Winner by Submission: AJ Styles


Backstage segment with Hardbody Mahal & Rusev.

I don’t think I can accurately describe my love for the Bulgarian Brute! He is quality with everything! So underutilised! Great promo with Mahal in which he outlines how important tonight it, but once it’s done Rusev will be coming after Mahal’s title! Oh yes please!


Match 3: Mike Kanellis v Bobby Rooooooooooooooode

WOW Kanellis’ ring gear is bright! It’s a very bright shade of cerise! WWE haven’t really decided what they want to do with Kanellis yet.. Another straightforward 4 minute match for Roode. Wonder how long they’ll have him do these squash matches before putting him in something real and meaningful on Smackdown?

Winner: Bobby Roode by Pinfall


Match 4: Aiden English Vs…

Aiden English was singing his usual shit until Kevin Owens comes out to interrupt him and nicely insults the hillbilly crowd at Little-Rock as he asks for the ring to be vacated. Has his rant against Shane McMahon ‘screwing’ him again.

Shane comes out to defend himself. Not much really gets said that we haven’t heard already. You can see it beginning to boil up and will probably boil over and the two will face off at Hell in a Cell!

The whole thing comes to a finale as Shane orders KO out of the ring so English can have his match with Sami Zayn. Owens reluctantly obliges and joins the announce team and goes to town on poor Byron Saxton.

Good ‘ol KO decides he can’t sit back and watch poor referring anymore so jumps into the ring and literally takes the WWE uniform from Ref Brian Nguyen! Was rather comical! After a few seconds and a stare down with Zayn he hits Zayn with a pop-up powerbomb and English pins Zayn for the win! (Also only noticed now how creepy English’s music is!) Not sure why the timekeeper rang the bell? So it appears that whomever wears the referees shirt has the power?

Winner: Aiden English by Pinfall


Shane-O-Mac backstage with Rene Young

Shane was not a happy bunny with KO’s behaviour, says match result doesn’t count.. We’ll have to wait till next week for the proper fallout as both leave the arena early!


Dolph Ziggler Backstage

Not debuting new look tonight on Smackdown, does he have the Emma gimmick? He’s an angry man these days. Could be good, keep an eye on this!


Match 5: Usos next up against New Day!

Xavier Wood’s walks very gingerly to the ring with a brace on his left knee. Looks like the injury he received at a house how last night is bad! AGAIN.. Another match that is way too short! Usos win with a roll-up, tiny hint of a tights grab. Meh.

Winner: The Usos by Pinfall.


Backstage Segment with Carmellsworth

Carmella & Elsworth backstage talking and interupted by Natalya. She pops a great one-liner.. She’s going to make Carmella the Baron Corbin of the Women’s division! Quality to be fair!

So Natalya has a match with Carmella next week and then defends against Naomi in two weeks!



Why do WWE advertise something as being next and then not have it on next? Bag of dicks!


Match 6: Tamina vs Jobber

Tamina squashed Local Talent! Lana looked great and albeit an awkward accent tonight she managed Tamina well. Poor jobber took a nasty throw into the corner by Tamina! She’s a bit too rough in the ring.

Winner: Tamina by Pinfall.


Fashion Files Season 2!

So good to have #Breezango back! Fashion Files this week, in the Season 2 Premier, brough the guys some new tech gadgets including a blacklight which added a new message to the note they found in the last episode. It now reads; Two B or Not Two B. The plot thickens..


Smackdown Live Main Event time!

Match 7: Jinder Mahal & Rusev v Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura

They actually give the WWE Champion a jobber entrance at Smackdown Live! What a time to be alive! WWE showing such contempt for that title lately! They also come back from a break to the end of Nakamura’s entrance!? How dare you deprive me of that sexy violin music!

Weird energy in this match up as the two teams will face each other individually next week! Do they trust each other? Will they try screw each other?

Nakamura botched putting Rusev into an cross arm breaker and Orton failed to throw Mahal over the top rope! Not a great match. Ends with Rusev eating a Kinshasa.

Winners: Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura by Pinfall

Show ends with Randy Orton hitting an RKO on Nakamura, bit of a dick move considering they were just partners in a match. Hope Nakamura breaks his jaw next week with a super stiff Kinshasa!

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