One Man, No Notion – Preseason Week 2


DISCLAIMER This is all new to me, if I’m wrong about this please correct me but this is a lot for not the cleverest of men.

It’s a week (or slightly more) later and after melting my brain several times I think I’m a little clearer.

NFL League Structure:

There’s been a few things melting said brain but the first thing was the scheduling structure and how that works but I’m sure I’ll figure that out as it goes, 32 teams, two conferences (AFC & NFC) divided into four divisions. Each team in a division of four and plays each of the other three teams in their division twice (six in total). One game against each team in another division in their conference (four in total). One against only one team from the other two divisions in their conference (two in total). Then a game each against four teams in the same division of the other conference (four in total), all ending up in 16 games per season minimum.

This all rotates from year to year so within four years maximum your team will play every team in the NFL at least once.

The Post-Season is much more straightforward to a soccer fan. The best team of each division per conference (eight in total) and two wildcard teams with the best record from both divisions (four in total). Twelve teams, six from each conference, top two (based on record over season) don’t play the first round (a bye week) of knockout so two teams are gone from each conference leaving four to carry out a semi-final of the conference (divisional round) and then the conference final (conference championship). The winners of each conference play in the Super Bowl and Janet Jackson gets her nipple out, everyone goes home. Done.

NFL Rules:

Games are 60 minutes long, 15 mins per quarter. If teams are level after the 60 minutes then overtime is played with the first team to score winning. If no one scores after 10 minutes it’s called as tie.

Scoring is six points for a touchdown, three for a field goal and one for the “try” after a touchdown is scored.

Teams have 11 players on the field at one time. The team in possession is “offense” and the team without is “defense”. If possession switches side then the teams change the players on the field.

Downs are the basis of play. The offensive team moves the ball forward in sections of at least 10 yards. They have four chances (or downs) to get those 10 yards. Each time the ball is advanced at least 10 yards within their four chances another first down is earned. You then have four more chances to go a further 10 yards. If they don’t manage to move the ball forward the ten yards they turn the ball over to the other team.

I’ve picked an NFL team!

I’ve really struggled with this. I tried my best to read up on most teams but it really got the better of me. I tried to narrow it down based on aesthetics (I couldn’t wear a Bengals jersey), location and whether or not I would ever get a chance to see a game. But also random gut feeling and any players I was familiar with.

Long story short ducks for cover, I went with the Oakland Raiders. I remember being about 16 and owning a jersey with Rice on the back. They had an initial appeal plus they have Marshawn Lynch and their QB has the same first name as me. Stupid I know but I need to start somewhere. From what I read they’re predicted to do pretty well but not enough to be a glory hunter’s team.

I’m sorry if I’ve missed out something obvious but I’ve made my decision now and unfortunately I’ve written this so I can’t change my mind or I will feel the wrath of the interwebs and that’s worse than death.

I’m now off to learn about why my decision was wrong and regret it.

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