NXT Recap 23.08.17

NXT Recap Aug 25th

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. This week’s show was taped the same night as Takeover Brooklyn so is also from the Barclays Centre with that hot Takeover crowd. We open with a promo recapping Takeover. This promo is great, inter splicing the live music performance from the night. Reminds me of the old Mania recap videos they used to do at the end of Manias back in the early 00’s.

Oh my god, no terrible usual intro music. My prayers have been answers. Sure it was playing in the background while Mauro did his voiceover but that doesn’t count.


Match 1: No Way Jose vs It was supposed to be someone, i guess

Veto Vinny brings out a congo line of plants from the crowd and leads them up the ramp where he promptly gets attacked by Lars Sullivan who throws him around the place and hits him with his finisher, which I don’t think they have given a name to yet. Not sure what Lar’s beef is with Brush Off Bill but I’m sure we’ll find out at some point.

Winner – Definitely Not No Way Jose

Promo for No Mercy with all the Alexa Bliss cheerleaders with masks on. Yep, that’s a thing they’re doing.

We will have a lot of recaps of Takeover tonight with “Never before seen footage” i.e. different camera angles. First up is Gargano and Almas.

Backstage with Johnny Wrestling!

Promo with Johnny Wrestling from “earlier today” i.e. after his match at Takeover, where he says that the loss wasn’t due to the memory of Ciampa, it was all on him.

Asuka and Ember Moon Recap Time.

Next recap is Asuka vs Ember. After the recap, they show some awkward staged press questions with Asuka in which she is asked what’s next for her in NXT and she replies that she “keeps champion”. We are then told about her injury. Broken collarbone with 6-8 week recovery time.

I’m a little late with this recap and since this show aired, news broke that Asuka has relinquished the title. They never mention injury once in this announcement but say “The Empress of Tomorrow looks to her future for new opportunities in WWE, though no specific details are known at this time.” So expect to see her on a Raw or Smackdown screen near you soon once the injury has healed up. This has worked out perfect for them as she has now dropped the belt but still never lost and can move up to the main roster undefeated.

Backstage with the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne & Wolfgang

Interview with Pete Dunne and Wolfgang backstage. Dunne says that him winning the title officially launched the UK Division. Wolfgang asks where is his Title Match. Dunne brushes him off saying he’s getting ahead of himself. They are tagging together later tonight. Likely next title feud there that may get featured on TV once. It’s always weird seeing Pete Dunne’s teeth. They just aren’t something you see very often with the black mouthguard. WWE really need to go ahead with the weekly show for the UK guys. Fuck cost-cutting measures, I want it, dammit.


Match 2: Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay vs Sarah Logan

Not sure how well this hillbilly character will go for Sarah Logan. To go from Scary Mary Dobson to a hillbilly is a bit of a change. Plus these types of gimmicks never work long term.

Damn Peyton is bendy. Those long legs make kicks look impressive too. She gets a great submission in using the ropes and her legs. Leg based offense. I’m not complaining.

Billie gets a bit involved by holding hands with Peyton, ends up getting knocked on her arse. We get a couple of dueling rollups, a knee to the head by Peyton followed by a Fisherman’s Suplex with a bridge for the 1,2,3.

Winner by Pinfall – Peyton Royce

I’m guessing they are gonna be pushing Peyton a bit now that Asuka is going to be gone. The Iconic Duo are the only heel women on the roster at the moment so they kinda have to be involved in the title picture in some way.


Time to More Recaps.

Recap of the Tag Title match at Takeover. Mauro said Wrestling instead of Sports Entertainment. Vince will be having words. Now a recap of the NXT Title match with “Exclusive Footage”. This is more a highlights than a recap. They show pretty much the whole match including all the entrances, just edited and from different camera angles for all the “Exclusive Footage” featuring Adam Cole BAY-BAY. We’ll hear from Drew about all this shiz-ness next week.

Backstage promo from Takeover with Bobby Roode as he’s trying to rush away from the building and shouts to get rid of the camera. Roderick Strong blows him a kiss and says “See you soon”. They then show Roode debuting on Smackdown so I’m not sure how soon that will be. But wait, here’s Bobby saying that he doesn’t leave unfinished business so he’s gonna embarrass Strong, get his rematch and walk away champion. So it looks like he’s sticking around for a little bit anyway (likely just these tapings).

Quick recap of Black vs Itami from Takeover and then clip of Black ignoring a bunch of fake interviewers while walking out afterwards.


Match 3: Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) vs Pete Dunne & Wolfgang

Dunne gets a crazy loud pop from the Brooklyn crowd. I like to see that. Him and Bate put on the WWE MOTY so far this year in my opinion at Takeover Toronto. And he’s been fantastic every time I’ve seen him at OTT. The British Strong Style matches are consistently the best matches on OTT shows recently. And his heel run before that was just amazing, nuclear heat. Anyway, enough about OTT for now, back to the show. Wrestling.

Bate is also crazy good. And he’s only 20. How good is he gonna be in a few years? Mauro called him a human fidget spinner. Oh god. Nice fun match. Lots of lovely strikes, reversals and dropping people on their heads. Basically included everything that’s good about the British Indie scene at the moment in condensed form. Wolfgang picks up the win with a moonsault on Bate after he tagged himself him unbeknownst to Bate who had just hit a Tyler Driver 97 on Dunne.

Winners by Pinfall – Wolfgang and Pete Dunne

Based on that, it definitely seems that Wolfgang is the next challenger for the UK Title. Makes sense since these are the 4 guys featured most since the tournament and he’s the only one who hasn’t had a title match yet.

The show after a Takeover is always a weird one. There are only ever 2 matches and the rest is recaps but the matches are in front of a hot crowd and they usually put on a good show. Generally not too relevant of a show though in the long term. Remember when Emma accidentally won a fatal 4-way match at the first Takeover Brooklyn which aired on that week’s NXT. Shows how much they care about it. Anyway, we had a couple of fun matches tonight and it’s back to regular business next week.

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