205 Live Recap 22.08.17

Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s 205 Live. Five weeks and counting now since Talking Smack got canned. Maybe these budget cuts aren’t as severe as we thought or maybe they are trying to have some faith in the Cruiserweights. Probably the first one.

We have a Cruiserweight title match as our main event tonight. 3rd time in the space of 2 weeks that we are having Tozawa vs Neville but it was great the first time and good the second time so hopefully it’ll be good/great again tonight.

Hair Watch: Corey’s hair has calmed down a bt since last week. Vic’s sides are starting to grow back in.


Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik vs Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

Rematch from last week where the faces picked up the win. Count out the 8 reasons why Tony is better than us. Hint: It’s his abs. We should be ashamed and should all aim to look more like Tony. I dunno. I did the long hair thing, it’s a lot of work.

It’s nice to hear a crowd into 205 Live. They are loving Metalik. Flippy shit always works, see Randy. The king of the ropes is putting on quite a display in this match. I love Metalik’s Tope Con Hilo where he bounces off the middle rope from the inside. It just looks so impressive. Alexander gets the win again this week after a Lumbar Check to Gulak. Deju Vu anyone?

Winners – Cedric Alexander & Gran Metalik by pinfall


Tozawa and Titus are chatting in the back. Titus was nervous about how soon the rematch is. Tozawa is confident. They woo.

We have the Gentleman’s duel up next. This seems like a game of Cluedo (Clue for any Americans. We’ve got a Lead Pipe, a Crowbar, a Rope, a Candlestick, a Kendo Stick and an Umbrella. I guess a Pistol and a Knife were a bit much for WWE. They should try this in OTT. Angel Cruz would be in his element.


Jack Gallagher vs The Brian Kendrick: Gentleman’s Duel

Gallagher comes down to the ring and says that he can use all these weapons to be Kendricks worst nightmare. Kendrick appears on the tron waving. Calls Jack a pathetic clown. Says he’s a fighter not a clown so he sends out a clown to take his place. Sprinkles the clown comes out, pulls a long handkerchief out of his top, then squirts Jack in the face (not like that). Sprinkles takes off his glove, slaps Jack across the face, and takes a headbutt for his trouble. Then is about to be put through a table when Kendrick attacks Jack from behind with an Umbrella. Kendrick puts Gallagher through the table and challenges Jack to a no DQ match for next week. This is confirmed later in the show. I’ve never seen a match not get confirmed after a challenge.

Winner – Umbrella Salesmen


You should probably give this segment a miss Fitz, may bring back bad memories of umbrellas getting destroyed. Damn you Pete Dunne and your umbrella destroying ways.

TJP and Rich Swann are chatting backstage. TJP is pretending to play Playstation, either that or he really doesn’t know how to work a controller. Considering he has a gamer gimmick, that’s not great. Says he didn’t know they were gonna play his music last week when he came out to watch the match and cost Swann. But I thought music just magically plays before anyone walks out on an entrance ramp. You mean someone has to manually play that? Whaaaaa? TJP says to go worry about Daivari while he’s injured. Swann says he will and then they can have their rubber match. Riveting stuff this.


Akira Tozawa vs Neville (c) for the Cruiserweight Title

We get a “You are a Wanker” chant. Ah international crowds. Bit of back and forth wrestling and I take back what I said about the crowd earlier. They are being dicks again now. Neville does a moonsault from the top rope of the outside taking out Tozawa’s left shoulder/elbow. More wanker chants. Still love Tozawa’s suicide dive. It just looks better than anyone else’s. He hits them while perfectly horizontal.

Whole lot of Neville offense now and some near falls. Neville talks some gibberish then gets punched in the head. Tozawa on offense now, gets caught in the Rings of Saturn, gets out of it, kicks Neville in the head, goes for his Senton Splash, misses, Neville gets him in the Rings of Saturn and Tozawa taps out.

Winner and STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion – Neville by Submission


Solid match. Enjoyed it. Still wasn’t as good as their Raw match last week. Neville gets on the mic. Says Tozawa’s title reign was pathetic and just a footnote in the history books.

Cue Enzo Amore’s music and it seems Enzo is officially in the Cruiserweight division. Seems Cass’s injury has affected more than just Cass. But I like this. I was saying for a while now that they should put him here. It makes sense and now they have an actually over babyface in the division to challenge Neville and don’t have to build one.

Enzo does his shtick and says 205 Live just became the realist show in the room. Neville drops his mic and walks away. Enzo retorts by showing off the quality of the New Jersey school system. S-A-W-F-T. So we have a new title feud. Match quality won’t be as good but we should get some good promos and hopefully it will start to grab the crowd more.

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