One Man, No Notion – Preseason Week 1


First things first, the title of this article is about as accurate as it can get. I’m a football fan but not of the NFL. I watch soccer (from now on I’ll refer to it as soccer for clarity) and consider myself quite well informed but the world of the NFL intrigues me. I’ve never spent much time watching football but know the basics (I think). 15-minute quarters, 4 downs, 6 points for a touchdown and one for a conversion but that’s about it.

From movies and TV shows I’ve also picked up a few positions. Quarterback obviously, wide receiver, running back and tight end (chuckle) but beside the quarterback and wide receiver I’ve no idea what these are. I also know special team but that’s only because of The Waterboy and the joke about the one guy having to do laps.

I’m doing my best to write this article without looking at Wikipedia because I want to be honest and if I have made mistakes already and you’re laughing to yourself that’s the idea, laugh away, you’ll probably be laughing at me more than this.

One thing I have checked however is the season dates. At the time of writing this article the season starts in just under three weeks, which gives me three weeks to get myself a team… yep. This has been worrying me since I decided to do this, I realize how big of a deal this is. I can’t do this on my own because I’ll go crazy so I’m going to have to ask people who know more than me. I’m going to set out my Man Seeking Football Team (no jokes please) advert and see what way the wind blows, even though the team might.

What I’m looking for:

No new money, oil baron or “we buy the wins” team.

A team with some history, respectable, even if not winning recently.

Not the Patriots. I don’t want to jump on a bandwagon even though I’ve been in New England a few times. It would be easy to support these guys but I just don’t like Tom Brady.

I’m a Liverpool and Mayo (Irish Gaelic Football) fan so I’m used to failing at the last hurdle so keep that in mind.

I’ve set up a twitter account @OneManNoNotion and if you have any ideas let me know. This is a lifelong decision, don’t be an asshole.

Deadline is midnight Friday 25th August. That gives two weeks to get ready for kick off (if that’s what it’s called). This week I’m going to learn about the rules and positions and get a good idea of the teams and how they rank. I may even set up a fantasy football team, we’ll see.

This is going to be interesting.


Written by Fred.

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