NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Recap

NXT Takeover Brooklyn III  is finally here and here’s hoping it’s as good as the last two Takeover Brooklyn shows. The Preshow had a bunch of former NXT guys on it being interviewed including Big E, Nakamura, Neville, Carmella, Sasha, Becky, Bayley and Baron Corbin. Kurt Angle also showed up for a bit. So was better than most of the usual Preshows they have where they just preview the matches and that’s about it. I actually enjoyed it for the hour.

Anyway it’s actual showtime now, let’s do this. The 2Bit team have entered our predictions for the show so let’s see how we do. It’s 1 point for correct pick and bonus point if you also guess correct method. We open with the musical performance from Code Orange. I like that they opened with this instead of slotting it in somewhere in the middle of the show. They are also inter splicing video footage of the guys who will be appearing tonight. Makes it seems more part of the show than just a random musical performance, here’s looking at you Kid Rock, why are you still a thing? This also fits NXT’s underground image quite well. I enjoyed it and I wasn’t expecting to. Touché. And now it’s actually actually showtime.

Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade `Cien` Almas w/ Selina Vega

2Bit Predictions:

Everyone’s going Gargano by Submission for this one so an Almas win will be a bit of a surprise.

We’ve got the Gargano section going in the front few rows. Damn Thea Trinidad is looking well. I’ll start calling her Zelina Vega now since they have actually finally started referring to her by name. Brooklyn crowd sound loud. Hopefully they can keep that up. Mauro name-dropping Mr Wrestling 1 & 2. No mention of 3. Poor Steve Corino. He’s probably out back. And we’ve got our first NXT chant of the evening. Quite well deserved too. This has been a great match so far. They are laying into each other and have had some fantastic spots countering signature moves of each others. I think this is the best we’ve seen Almas so far since his debut.

Vega distracts Gargano with a DIY shirt and Almas gets the pin with a Reverse STO into a DDT or Hammerlock DDT,depending on whether you listen to Mauro or Nigel. Percy, as usual, didn’t have an opinion. I’m sure they’ll give it a real name eventually. Shocker with this result but Almas looked awesome in the match. This was the breakout match he needed and it didn’t hurt Johnny too much.

Winner: Andrade `Cien` Almas by Pinfall

Both Kurt Angle and D-Bry are watching the show from a skybox chatting to various NXT superstars. They make the announcement to the crowd that #NXTTakeOver is trending worldwide. Weird, they’ve never done that before. Corey Graves comes out to the announce booth and will be special guest commentator for the next match.

The Authors of Pain (c) vs. SAnitY

2Bit Predictions:

This one was split with Me & Gordo going SAnitY by Pinfall and the Steves going AoP by Pinfall.

In case you missed this week’s NXT recap, You can pick up the Authors of Pain’s completely authentic and legit book of Poetry called “Pain” for free at the following links:



AoP are now Lizard people. The match starts as a brawl before the bell sounds. Eric Young grabs a table and places it up against the barrier. Everyone’s back in the ring now and the match starts with Wolfe and Sylvia Plath. I’m guessing we’ll get to that table later. We get a shave your back chant, I’m assuming aimed at Dain. But wait, Dain isn’t in the match, psych, it’s Eric Young. He gets tagged in and him and Mark Twain brawl into the crowd.

This match is still heel v heel but the crowd seem to be siding with SAnitY. EY gets crotched on the turnbuckle and I have to wonder what he would sound like with a high pitched voice. Nikki gets involved and AoP end up powerbombing themselves. Top Suicidas. Then Nikki goes for one. Ellering tries to stop her, ends up distracted the ref and all this ends up with Dain cross bodying both Ernest Hemingway and Nikki through that table from earlier  First “This is Awesome” chant. SAnitY win with their double team move thing from from the top rope and we have new Tag Team Champions. That was insane.

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions- SAnitY by Pinfall

As they celebrate, out come Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish to attack all of them. YES!!! We’re getting reDRagon in NXT!!! So many teams now don’t understand how caps work but I don’t care. YES!!!

We’re getting JR as guest commentator for this one.

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

2Bit Predictions:

Me & the Steves went Black by Pinfall. Gordo went Black by DQ

Black gets played out to the ring live by Code Orange. This works well. I like live band entrances for people. Makes it seem like a bigger deal. There will be a lot of strikes in this one. And I will love every one. This could steal the show. JR doing commentary always just sounds right. Blood alert quite early in the match with Black bleeding from the nose. With all the strikes being thrown, it’s not really a shock. Percy calling him Alexander Black. Why is Percy still there? He’s always terrible. He serves no purpose.

As expected, kicks, kicks and more kicks. So good. They look so stiff. Probably are knowing these two. Stop with the “Sweet” chant after 2 counts please. It’s getting really annoying. Now we’re onto slaps, backfists, knees, falcon arrows, pulling out all the stops here. Black Mass hit with precision. God I love that move.

Winner – Aleister Black by Pinfall

Really enjoyed that match. Quite indie style match minus the kicking out of finishers. The more WWE go to this style of matches, the better. I only see this happening in NXT though, doubt it would make it to the main roster.

Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon

2Bit Predictions:

Fitz, Gordo & Myself going Moon by Pinfall. Steve M going for Asuka to retain by Pinfall

Crowd are very pro Asuka in this one it seems based on ring introductions. This gets off to a fast pace with Ember going right at Asuka and ends up outside the ring. Sentons, ring steps, entrance ramp, everything’s getting used. Asuka aiming for the injured shoulder of Ember. She’s going to town on that shoulder. Crowd properly split now with dueling chants. Back and forth match telling the story of the hurt shoulder well. Asuka kicks out of the Eclipse, Holy Shit, I thought that was it. So did most of the crowd. Asuka tries to use the ref again and then holds the trucks for the pin but the ref sees it. Asuka kicks out of a superkick. Another NXT chant. This has really sped up now. Asuka playing possum, goes for the Asuka Lock, Ember Moon tabs out. Tremendous match.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion – Asuka by Submission

The Streak lives on. Who can they possibly have beat Asuka at this stage. Maybe the winner of the Mae Young Classic? I can’t think of anyone else. Asuka heads off and Moon gets a standing ovation. Moon call-up this week maybe?

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

2Bit Predictions:

I’m the only one going with Roode by Pinfall here. I may regret that. The rest are going Drew by Pinfall.

Drew gets a pipe band for his entrance. Nice. Bobby gets his Big keyboard entrance with a fuck-tonne of dry ice. And we get a 3MB chant right at the start. Slow start but that is to be expected considering the two guys. Building up the match is the way they both work. They go to the outside and Drew hits a Tilt a Whirl Slam onto the ring apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. We get some sleeper holds and Drew’s corner takedown from the Tree of Woe. Bobby plays possum after it and we are into more high impact moves now.

This feels like a very different match after all the fast paced matches earlier but it’s start to pick up now. Roode kicks out of the FutureShock DDT. Only people to kick out of finishers tonight have been the 2 champions. Drew kicks out of a Ligerbomb. Drew hits the Claymore and Bobby gets his foot on the ropes. Bobby rolls to the outside. Drew hits a Tope Con Hilo on Roode. Pretty damn impressive for a man of his size. Gets him back in the ring and goes for the Claymore again but Bobby counters into Spinebuster. Then gets him with a Glorious DDT and Drew kicks out. That makes 3 people kicking out of finishers so. Bobby hits another  Glorious DDT and goes for a 3rd but Drew counters it into a Claymore and we get a 1…2…3.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion – Drew McIntyre by Pinfall

As Drew celebrates, reDRagon appears on the apron, Drew looks towards them and Adam Cole BAY-BAY attacks Drew from behind. HOLY SHIT!!!! ROH Stable in NXT!!! YES!!! Cole holds up the NXT Title to close the show.

What a show. Every match was awesome. I think I might have to say the best NXT Takeover there has been to date. And I was at one of them so I’m biased. I’m so looking forward to what they do with the ROH stable. Also based on the story of the two GMs sitting watching, seems like we are getting a few call-ups this week so will also be interesting to see who gets the nod and do they flop or flourish. Anyone that was on that card tonight should have no problem flourishing anywhere. Good luck following that tomorrow Summerslam.

2Bit Predictions Final Score:

Steven M – 5

Gordo – 5

Nicky – 4

Fitz – 4

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