GFW Destination X 2017 Recap

GFW Destination X

Written by Mark Gordon.

Righto, it’s time for us to check out a GFW “Live Special”, or whatever they’re calling them… it’s Destination X time!

This is a show I used to always look forward to because it would highlight the X-Division, but now it’s a regular Thursday night show, which kinda sucks. Hopefully it will still be a decent show though.

Lashley has brought some American Top Team buddies with him (AWW, MMA FRIEND!!)

McKenzie Mitchell tried to get an interview with Bruce Pritchard in his office, but has the door closed in her face… apparently she saw someone that she was surprised to see *Excitement building*

Gail Kim vs (c) Sienna (w/ KM) – GFW Knockouts Championship

Early stages are Gail trying to use her speed and technique and Sienna trying to use her power. Gail with a nice 619 around the ringpost, and Sienna dumps her on the steps.

Gail goes for her running body block in the corner but gets caught in a choke until Earl Hebner breaks it up. She hits Eat Defeat, but the ref is distracted by KM. She knocks him off the apron, and Earl goes out to send him away or try sell him a t-shirt or something.

A mysterious figure slides into the ring, and it’s Taryn Terrell! She nails a cutter on Gail and slides out of the ring, Sienna hits the AK47, and she retains the title!

Good match to open, which is to be expected from these two. Will be a shame to see Gail retiring soon because she is still so damn good! Happy to see Taryn back too, because her Last Knockout Standing match with Gail is my favourite Knockouts match ever.

Winner (and STILL Champion): Sienna

Backstage segment with Matt Sydal. Apparently he “moves in fast forward and sees in slow motion”… there’s a joke in that, but I’m not gonna go there!

Bruce Pritchard comes out with the (freshly vacated) GFW Global Title, apparently to clear up confusion about the title since it was taken off Alberto El Patron. He babbles for a few minutes, and says he’s giving it back to Lashley. He calls out Walking Snore-Mageddon, but out comes Jim Cornette!! Sweet Jesus, what year is this?!!

Apparently Anthem have asked Jim to come and “fix it”. Bruce calls out security and asks them to get Cornette out of the ring, but Cornette fires him and security escorts Bruce away. Cornette shouts for a few minutes about how it’s a new day for Impact, and announces a 20-man gauntlet for the title next week. Oh good, LAX interrupt him!

Konnan is giving out that Low Ki shouldn’t have to go through the gauntlet, so Cornette decides to make him the #20 entrant for the gauntlet. Him and Konnan go back and forth for a minute to end this drawn out segment.

Desmond Xavier vs Ishimori – Super X Cup Final

Starts off with some  flips, whips, flips, leapfrogs, flips and dropkicks. They follow that with some more counters until Ishimori nails a Gutbuster.

A much slower match than I expected this to be, to be honest, and the crowd is pretty dead. Nice springboard Senton from Ishimori though, and Xavier nails a flurry of strikes followed by a cutter.

Xavier upping the pace and nails a beautiful standing Corkscrew Moonsault for a 2 count. They trade strikes until Ishimori nails a Handspring Enziguri. He nails his Double Knee Chestbuster followed by a 450 Splash, but Xavier kicks out! Xavier connects with a Back-Handspring Backflip Kick, and gets the win!

Decent match, but expected a lot more from these guys, even based on what they had shown in the earlier stages. Congratulations to Xavier though, he put on great matches throughout the tournament and was great to watch.

Winner (And 2017 Super X Cup Winner): Desmond Xavier

Backstage segment with Grado and Joe Park. Apparently Grado is going to say goodbye to the Impact Zone next week

Trevor Lee vs (c) Sonjay Dutt – Ladder Match for the GFW X-Division Championship

Sonjay throwing around by the hair… that’s not very nice! They brawl outside for a bit, and Lee tries to bring in a ladder but Dutt kicks it into his face.

Lee sets up the ladder in the corner, and hits a Suplex onto it. Dutt tries to mount a comeback, but Lee nails his jumping double stomp to cut him off, and he drags a table into the ring.

Dutt connects with a splash off the top onto a ladder. He goes to climb for the title, but Caleb Konley interferes and powerbombs him through the table. He is trying to get Lee back into the ring, but someone slides in behind him. HOLY SHIT, IT’S PETEY WILLIAMS!!! (mid-00’s me is loving this)

Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer to take out Konley and leaves. Lee climbs the ladder, but Dutt springboards onto it, knocks Lee off, and grabs the title!

Pretty good ladder match here. Both guys always put on good matches anyway, so this was to be expected. Marked out big for Petey Williams, and hope this means he is back full-time.

Winner (and STILL champion): Sonjay Dutt

Poor McKenzie has to interview Lashley. He’s wearing sunglasses indoors, the eejit! Or maybe he needs them because he’s hungover. Either way, get him off my screen!

OVE (Ohio Vs Everything) vs Jason Cade and Zachary Wentz

They aren’t “vs everything”, they’re just against another tag team! Silly name!

One of the Ohio lads nails a nice senton off the top onto the hunched-over Wentz. Cade tags in and he eats a few kicks and knees from both guys.

Cade and Wentz both hit variations of Codebreakers, but Cade springboards into a Superkick, followed by a Spinning Kick. OVE hit hi-lo kicks (similar to “Total Elimination”) for the win

Some decent tag moves from OVE, and the Superkick and Spinning Kick were nice, but I was more impressed by Cade and Wentz overall. Will need to see a few more matches from OVE to get a proper opinion on them.

Winners: OVE

Backstage Cornette agrees to put Moose and EC3 into the “Gauntlet for the Gold” next week. E-li-Drake and Chris Adonis show up and they’re also put into it, but Drake has to enter at #1. And apparently Cornette sent a FedEx to someone else to be there next week too… Joey Ryan, perhaps?

Lashley vs Matt Sydal

Love how Sydal does his foot-first dive under the rope to enter the ring! It’s something small, but always thought it looked cool.

First few minutes are all speed vs strength, until we go to a break. Back from break and Lashley flings him into the barrier in front of the American Top Team boys. They proceed to trash talk the fallen Sydal… real tough guys!

Lashley continues to keep Sydal grounded, until Sydal hits a spin kick and a sweet Tilt-a-whirl DDT. He comes off the top rope with a double knee for a 2 count.

Lashley nails a Running Powerslam and Dominator, both for 2 counts. He goes outside to grab a chair, but gets it kicked back into his face! Sydal climbs and goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Lashley gets his knees up.

Bobby goes for the spear, but misses and hits the ringpost. Sydal rolls him up, AND GETS THE WIN!!!!

Holy shit, Sydal dragged a decent match out of Lashley! Delighted to see Sydal get the win, because they need to start building some more stars.

Winner: Matt Sydal

After the match one of the American Top Team guys grabs Brian Hebner in a choke, and Lashley and the others have to break it up… maybe it’s still real to him or something.

To close the show we have a video package. OOOH JOHNNY NITRO MORRISON MUNDO!!! I’m guessing he’s the guy Cornette was on the phone to.

Overall this was a decent show. Match quality was pretty good but the authority figure segment felt a bit drawn out, and this just didn’t feel like a normal “Destination X” to me. Happy with the Taryn and Petey returns though, and suppose Johnny *Insert Name Here* will be a very good addition to the roster too.

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