NXT Recap 16.08.17


Welcome to my 2Bits on this week’s NXT. Theme song is still terrible. This line will remain in my recaps until they change the song or it eventually grows on me. It’s already starting to get less annoying but I will endeavor to hold out.

Tonight we’ll have Ruby Riot vs Billie Kay and in our main event, Drew McIntyre vs Roderick Strong with a stupid stipulation that Strong gets a match sometime with Roode if he wins.

We open the show with Regal in the ring who introduces Ember Moon and Asuka. Always weird seeing the women in street clothes. It’s almost like they’re real people. Damn that belt looks good. Contract signing time. Ember gives the first on screen reference of Asuka beating Goldberg’s streak. And we get an Asuka chant from the crowd to the tune of Goldberg with some guy banging on the railing to get the theme going too. Nice touch Full Sail, you’re not all bad.

Nice promo from Ember here claiming that she will ends Asuka’s undefeated streak because she is the only one Asuka had to take shortcuts with. Asuka shouts something in Japanese. Quite intense. Crowd are loving it. I’m sure everyone in Orlando is fluent in Osaka Japanese alright. Didn’t devolve into a brawl though, odd for a WWE contract signing.

Mauro’s voiceovers are still taking me out of the show a bit. Backstage segment from earlier today where Lars Sullivan is asking for another tag team match. Says he’ll be good and won’t kill his partner.

Street Profits (see I’m calling them by their real name now) vs Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

The Street Profits have now added an NXT logo to their red cups. How long before they are on sale on wweshop? Gotta make that money money, yeah yeah. Silvio runs at Shad to start the match, gets shoulder block and then JTG runs into the crowd screaming. Interesting start there. Street Profits finish off the match quick with some nice double team moves finishing with a Frog Splash by Montez Ford (JTG). Lars never got tagged in. He looks pissed.

Winners – Street Profits by Pinfall

Lars goes to attack Silvio but changes his mind and instead picks him up and carries him to the back. Cause if he beats him in the back with the cameras off, it’s fine, right? Why does Lars want to be in a tag team so much. Surely he would do better as a singles guy since he’s the size of Godzilla’s left leg (not the right one, needs a bit more height for that one)

Cut to the back and oh look, Lars is attacking Silvio. Shocking stuff that. Throws him in the trash like the piece of garbage that he is.

Billie Kay/ Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riot

Percy apparently feels very strongly about people making fun of tattoos. I was not aware he had any. That is the most personality Percy has shown since he showed up on NXT. So Ruby is a descendant of Pocahontas, fair enough. I love Ruby’s Deadly Nightshade move, so simple but looks great, just the way she follows through with it. Ruby wins with an Arm Wringer Pelé Kick or a Wind Up Overhead Kick, depending on if you listen to Nigel or Mauro.

Winner – Ruby Riot by Pinfall

Peyton gets on the mic after the match and all that proves is that lightning can strike once and that she will never be Iconic. Percy doesn’t get why they are Iconic.

Promo for the Tag team title match between the Authors of Pain and sAnity. You can pick up the Authors of Pain’s book “Pain” for free at the following links:


Roderick Strong vs Drew McIntyre

Still think this is a stupid stipulation. Why not just add him to the title match at Takeover if he wins. Would make so much more sense than he gets a match against Roode later on.

McIntyre is looking really good in this match right out of the gate. Just reminds me how much he has come along since he left WWE the first time around. Roderick drops Drew on the ring apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. Roddy’s strikes and knees are really great. They just look so vicious. So do Drews though. I also love Drew’s reverse Alabama Slam.

Bobby Roode interferes and throws Roddy off the top rope, beats on Drew for a bit and then throws Roddy into the steps. Finishes Drew off with Glorious DDT, blows a kiss at Roddy and poses to end the show.

Winner: Roderick Strong by DQ (I guess. They never confirmed it)

So Roode hitting Strong first means that he technically bought himself a match against him down the line. Because logic. Bring on Takeover on Saturday though. They always have great Takeovers so it’s not going to disappoint.

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