WWE 205 Live Recap 25.07.17

Welcome to my review of this week’s 205 Live. Still getting better every week in my opinion but opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got them. Mine’s great though.

We start off with the champ Neville who wasn’t on the show last week having an auld chat with Ms Personality Dasha Fuentes.

We get a Recap of Raw where Tozawa and then Daivari attacked Neville. A bit of attempted regicide against the “King of the Cruiserweights”.

Neville claims that 205 Live is his world” and that Daivari learns about consequences later tonight.

Good opening promo. Getting Neville in there nice and early this week so we remember who still runs this division. Getting less and less like a one man division but he still stands head and shoulders above the others as of now.

Hair check: Slightly different styles this week from Corey and Vic. Corey going a little higher with his hair this week so show his superiority.

The surprise partners teased last week are announced and are a little underwhelming. No Zombie Mike Awesome as predicted but I suppose he is probably above the weight limit so understandable although surely he would have lost some weight from all the rotting by now. Anyway it will be Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander taking on TJP and Tony Nese in our Main Event.

Ariya Daivari vs Neville

Tozawa comes out in a suit, joins the commentary. This should be good. His shoulder is fine apparently. He makes that very clear.

Daivari on the mic speaking Iranian. Boo heel foreigner, boo. How dare you want a title match?

Heel foreigner vs heel foreigner, boo i guess. Heel vs heel matches always have a weird dynamic. The crowd just never know what to do.

Lots of running away and working outside the ring. Both hit a move off the top.

Neville drags Daivari over to in front of Tozawa at the announce table and squares up to him.

Daivari pushes Neville into Tozawa and then rolls back into the ring getting the countout win.

Winner – Ariya Daivari

Daivari runs to the back and Tozawa undresses at ringside glaring at Neville. Refs hold him back.

Short match, did what it needed to do. Seems like they are building up to a Triple Threat match for the title at Summerslam which will likely end up on the preshow unfortunately. Although with all the multi-man matches that they seem to be doing for Summerslam and it being a 4 hour show, the Cruiserweights might manage a spot on the main card. The danger there though is that they likely won’t get as much time as they would on the preshow so it’s hard to tell what would be better.

Recap of the 2 out of 3 falls match from last week which was great. See last week’s review for more info on that match. All we get from both of these guys tonight but they big it up. Corey even said he went back and watched it multiple times on the Network. Sure you did, Corey, sure you did.

In ring promo by Kendrick claiming Gallagher isn’t a fighter but instead, a clown. Turns picture of him into a clown on the titantron. What gives about hating on clowns Kendrick? What did Doink ever do to him? This segment went on way too long as he changed each part of the photo piece by piece.

Gallagher comes out says he’s gonna knock his bloody head off.

Dasha interviews Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander. TJP and Nese interrupt the interview. Some terrible acting ensues and they make their entrances for the match.

TJP and Tony Nese vs Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander:

Nese has a new entrance where he gets a camera to get close to him while he poses and smack talks. Quite good actually, bout time he got a bit of character.

Rich Swann seems to have just left his job as a bell boy at a hotel and forgot to remove the jacket.

Let’s appreciate Tony Nese time with some more posing

Swann and Cerdric with some double team moves, working well as a team.

Dab from TJP after his leg twisty thingy. No TJP. Just no.

Nese really should be in the title picture, he’s just lacking a bit of personality and his voice doesn’t suit his body but he’s great in the ring and has a fantastic look. Hopefully this new more full of himself gimmick will be just what he needs.

Cedric is just so crisp in the ring, everything he does looks good.

Another dab by TJP. It’s scientifically proven that people who dab end up losing so expecting a face win here.

Team of TJP and Nese is called Dabs and Abs, oh god.

I love the Spanish Fly as a move everytime I see it. It’s so ridiculous but I just love it.

This is a great match, indie-riffic goodness.

Dabs do pay off after all. TJP picks up the win rolling up Cedric Alexander after Tony Nese pushed him off the top rope onto the ropes and he got caught awkwardly on his way down.

Winner – TJP and Tony Nese

The rivalry between TJP and Rich Swann continues.

Great fun match. There is at least one every week on this show. Still saying more people need to watch as it really is the forgotten show of the week tucked away after Smackdown. Hopefully starting to mix them more into part of the show on Raw will help the general populous to start viewing them more seriously. I love me some Cruiserweight action, the more, the better.

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